Is it worth the long wait?

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The wait is over – you might think. Google has officially introduced the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5. But you can still not buy the cell phones. GIGA has the details for you.


Google Pixel 4a: affordable mid-range phone

At first, only the Google Pixel 4a was really presented. It is a 349-euro cell phone that offers a “basic” configuration that can be expected at the price. For example, a 5.81-inch OLED display with a punch-hole camera is installed – but only at 60 Hertz. The design looks a bit more “normal” compared to the Pixel 4. All unnecessary features have been removed – for example the squeezable frame, the 3D camera for secure face recognition or wireless charging. Google focuses on the basic functions of a cell phone to push the price down and does absolutely no experiments. Not even in the color. There is only black to choose from.

The Pixel 4a focuses on the software, camera and runtime. Basically the most important points in a cheap Android phone. Google naturally uses Android 10 with the Pixel Launcher. The software has been optimized in some places and expanded to include functions that we know from other manufacturers. The camera should offer excellent image quality in relation to the price. We owe that to the software. First reviews from the USA can at least be seen that the completion of photos takes a bit longer compared to the Pixel 4, since there is no longer a dedicated chip for image processing. Otherwise the photos can convince. Only the variability is missing, since only one camera sensor is installed on the back. Since Google has dispensed with a 90 Hertz display and installed a largest battery, the runtime finally fits.

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Google is waiting for the new Pixel phones

Google is bringing the Pixel 4a to the Play Store in Germany on September 10 for pre-order. The market launch will only take place on October 1st. In Germany you have to wait a mere 2 months before you can hold the cell phone in your hands. The price of 349 euros is okay. For the 5G model of the Pixel 4a, 499 euros are then due. No other specifications were shared, so it is not known whether it is not an XL model with a larger display. Paying 150 euros extra for 5G alone would be steep. Pixel 5 was also mentioned, but all the information is missing. It is only known that the two other cell phones will be shown in autumn.

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