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Is Ryzen 4000 coming earlier than expected?

by Tejas Dhawan

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Intel’s new processors have been on the market for some time, now it’s AMD’s turn again. Although the XT models of the Ryzen 3000 processors are only to be released in a week, AMD also seems to be making good progress with the upcoming Ryzen 4000 processors. Are we getting to see the new processors sooner than we think?


Ryzen 4000: New AMD processors are already ready for the market

In the past few weeks there have been all sorts of rumors about AMD’s new XT processors that will soon be on the market. But as soon as the cat is out of the bag, there is also fresh news about the successor models: the Ryzen 4000 processors. What we already knew: The new chips should be launched this year – even if there were brief opinions in the rumor mill.

But it looks like the development of the Ryzen 4000 processors has progressed further than originally thought. Renowned industry insider Igor Wallosek has received exclusive information that says that Ryzen 4000 is already in B0 stepping. In this phase, the chips are actually only checked once and are therefore effectively ready for mass production.

AMD is making life difficult for Intel. In the video we explain to you why this is so:

New AMD processors: when will the chips be launched?

However, one should not expect an early market launch. After all, the corresponding manufacturers need enough time to produce a corresponding amount of chips, the packaging also has to be finalized and when everything is ready, the processors still have to find their way to the dealers.

AMD’s new processors are also very well received in Germany, as our top 10 shows:

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Top 10 CPUs: The currently most popular PC processors in Germany

Nevertheless, it is good to know that despite Intel’s rather weak line-up, AMD is not resting on its lazy skin and is already ready for the next counterattack. Despite this announcement, a market launch of the Ryzen 4000 processors should only be expected in a few months. AMD will probably come around the corner with the new chips in late Q3 or early Q4. As soon as there is new information about it, we will keep you up to date.

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