Is the "Filmstream" from SPI / FilmBox coming to Germany soon?

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The new advertising-based digital channel can be streamed exclusively on Samsung TV Plus – initially only in the UK. But the service could also be available soon in Germany.

Fresh independent films and classic films by Hitchcock, Kurosawa and Co .: This is the repertoire of the “Filmstream”. Hollywood blockbusters and other popular stripes are set to follow. The new digital channel from SPI / FilmBox was launched on May 7th. It is ad-based and advertises with a 27/7 program, over 450 titles and 400 hours of new material per year.

“Filmstream” is initially available exclusively from Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free Smart TV video service, which is preinstalled on all Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 onwards. SPI / FilmBox and Samsung Electronics had previously worked together to bring linear channels and on-demand content to Samsung Smart TVs via the SPI service “FilmBox Live”.

The digital channel “Filmstream” is to combine traditional and digital television, said Guney Yasavur, COO of SPI International. The increased consumption of on-demand content has sparked the need among some viewers to “enjoy the relaxed viewing experience of linear TV again”.

The channel now celebrated its world premiere in Great Britain. SPI International confirmed DIGITAL TELEVISION that negotiations with Samsung are also underway for Germany. When exactly the channel could be launched in this country is not yet clear. The portfolio of “Filmstream” at least says that the channel can be launched about a month after a commercial agreement. If the negotiations for Germany have not yet been completed, it should take a while until “Filmstream” will also flicker over German Samsung TVs.

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