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It goes on! The new episodes in TV & Stream + episode guide

It goes on! The new episodes in TV & Stream + episode guide

Fans of “Legends of Tomorrow” in Germany had to wait for the fourth season for well over a year. The fifth season of time-traveling superheroes follows directly afterwards. Where and when you can see “Legends of Tomorrow” Season 4 on TV and stream, you can find out here on GIGA.

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When will “Legends of Tomorrow” season 4 continue on TV & Stream?

After the eighth of a total of 16 episodes, the broadcast of the German version of “Legends of Tomorrow” season 4 had to be ProSieben MAXX take a break. The localization was not interrupted for a long time, so it is now from July 06, 2020 going on again. The remaining episodes will always be Mondays from 8:15 p.m. broadcast on the free TV station.

If you are unable to receive ProSieben MAXX, you can also watch the station via Joyn in the live stream. Alternatively, you can of course catch up on the episodes after their first broadcast in the Joyn media library. Since the season in the USA has already expired, you can alternatively buy the fourth season as an OV / OmU digitally on Amazon, iTunes or maxdome – but you have to do without the German soundtrack.

In the US, the fourth season of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” ran on The CW between October 2018 and May 2019. In Germany, we did not have to wait the usual nine months for free TV broadcasting, but rather a little longer. “Legends of Tomorrow” season 4 started in Germany only on March 30, 2020.

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Episode Guide – LoT S4

episode Original title German title TV premiere (D)
1 (52) The Virgin Gary The unicorn from hell 30.03.2020
Mallus was able to defeat the Legends, but the work is far from over. A new enemy threatens to untangle the time structure – in the form of a beautiful, glittering unicorn. That drives his mischief at the legendary Woodstock Festival of 1969. To defeat the infernal horse, Constantine and Sara have to find a virgin of all people …
2 (53) Witch Hunt Witch hunt April 6, 2020
The magical time seismograph leads the Legends team to Salem, on the trail of alleged witches. While Zari desperately tries to save a mother accused of witchcraft, the legends recognize that something mystical is actually going on in this city. A witch hunt begins …
3 (54) Dancing Queen Dancing Queen 04/20/2020
The Legends become aware of a refugee hiding in London in the 1970s. When they realize that this belongs to a gang that is targeting the British monarchy, they make a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Gary Nate wants to bring the time office’s approach closer, but the day is developing very differently than expected …
4 (55) Wet Hot American Bummer Holiday camp of horror 04/27/2020
To get to the bottom of the strange disappearance of children from a holiday camp, Sara, Ava, Ray and Constantine investigate undercover as supervisors. Constantin finally even gives Sara and Ava a magic potion so that they can cope better with the kids. Meanwhile, Rory makes an amazing and disturbing discovery with her detainee …
5 (56) Tagumo attacks! Garima vs. Tagumo 04.05.2020
In 1951, Sara, Zari, and Charlie encounter a fugitive hiding in Tokyo while Ava and Nate attend an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Ray realizes that only magic may be left to help Constantine and starts looking for help outside the team.
6 (57) Tender is the Nate Lullaby for a monster May 11, 2020
To keep Hank Heywood mild and to keep the tap flowing, Nate invites him into her spaceship and involves him in the latest investigation in Paris in the 1920s. Meanwhile, Mona’s zeal for trying to please Ava causes some problems …
7 (58) Hell No, Dolly! Mike, the killer doll May 18, 2020
Sara is looking for a way to reconcile Rory and Ava until a magical creature attacks the Legends and pushes the team to its limits. Meanwhile, Constantine is confronted with his past and Mona struggles with her love …
8 (59) Legends of To-Meow-Meow Timeline chaos May 25, 2020
When Constantine breaks the first rule of time travel and changes the past, Charlie, Zari and he try to hide it from the rest of the team. But while Zari insists that the change should be reversed, Charlie and Constantine want to look for another way and only make things worse …
9 (60) Lucha de Apuestas The werewolf in the ring 06.07.2020
When Constantine breaks the first rule of time travel and changes the past, Charlie, Zari and he try to hide it from the rest of the team. But while Zari insists that the change should be reversed, Charlie and Constantine want to look for another way and only make things worse …
10 (61) The Getaway Nothing but the truth 06.07.2020
When Hank quotes the Waverider in 1973, the Legends suddenly find themselves in the middle of a kidnapping of the President. In search of the truth, the team gets on an uncomfortable road trip where they can no longer magically lie. Nate, Zari, Nora and Gary are desperate to find out what Hank is up to …
11 (62) Séance and Sensibility Séacne and sensuality 07/13/2020
When Mona finds out that her favorite author Jane Austen may be in a magical alarm, Mona, Sara, Charlie and Zari travel to 1809. Meanwhile, during a séance, Constantine and Rory receive a message from the afterlife that completely throws Constantine off track …
12 (63) The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe In purgatory 07/13/2020
A new threat arises in 2019 while the Legends are busy cleaning up the past. Fierce battles await Sara and Ava while Nora and Constantine climb into the ring together against a demon …
13 (64) Egg MacGuffin The dragon egg 07/20/2020
While worried about Nora, Ray is suddenly faced with his own problems that force him to do an unthinkable act. Meanwhile, Sara sends her teammates Nate and Zari together on a mission to finally bring them closer together, and Charlie and Rory receive an enticing offer …
14 (65) Nip | Piece The hell nipple 07/27/2020
The Legends have trouble locating the missing Constantine. When Sara hesitates to make a difficult decision, Rory steps in and drives a wedge into the team. Meanwhile, in the office, Ava gives Gary some responsibility.
15 (66) Terms of Service The Devil’s Triumvirate 03.08.2020
As things start to get out of hand, Sara and Ava plan to get the Time Bureau back under their control, but things go wrong. Elsewhere, Constantine is faced with an almost unsolvable decision …
16 (67) Hey World! Welcome to Heyworld 10.08.2020
In search of Ray, Constantine and Nora recognize the evil plan Neron is pursuing. Meanwhile, Nate tries to convince his teammates to break new ground. He wants to unite magical creatures and people in the fight for the preservation of the world …

Text: ProSieben MAXX

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Cover Image
© The CW / DC Comics

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 – It Will Be Awesome (Spoiler)

Season 4 was created again under show runner Phil Klemmer and consists of a total of 16 episodes. Ramona Young are new (Santa Clarita Diet, Z Nation) as a fantasy expert Alaska Yu and Nate’s father Hank, written by Tom Wilson (Back to the future, troll hunter) is played. Meanwhile, the roles of Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford), Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) and John Constantine (Matt Ryan) are given the lead role in season 4.

Actually, the time-traveling superheroes want to find out defeating Mallus finally sit back and relax – but the world has something else in mind for them. The strategy in season 3 has led to the victory of the legends, but has caused a much bigger problem. The boundaries between the different realities have softened, which means that creatures from myths and fairy tales suddenly terrorize the real world.

What the legends will see next will change their lives forever // © The CW / DC Comics

How do you watch films & series?

Thanks to streaming services, you are no longer dependent on linear television programs and the constant repetition of TV channels. The long train journey can be shortened with a film on your smartphone. And thanks to the increasingly affordable prices and better lamp life, more and more people can now fulfill their dream of a home cinema with a projector. We therefore ask the GIGA community: How do you watch films and series?

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