It was now below 12 percent: can the federal government still provide full broadband coverage by 2025?

Image: © Sergey Nivens -
Image: © Sergey Nivens –

To date, the federal government has released manageable subsidies to promote the expansion of fast internet networks. There should be significantly more by 2021, but is that enough to achieve the goal of creating full coverage by 2025?

Since the beginning of last year, almost 900 funding applications have been provisionally approved and 2.1 billion euros have been committed to it, as evidenced by the Federal Government’s response to a small request from the FDP parliamentary group that has been received by the German Press Agency. The “Augsburger Allgemeine” had previously reported. A total of ten to twelve billion euros in funding is earmarked for this in the current legislative period.

The 6.5 billion euros released so far relate to the period since the start of the 2015 funding program. Since then, the federal government has supported expansion in regions in which network operators are not expanding or are not expected to expand themselves. So far, there have often been problems with complicated application procedures.

Has 6.5 billion euros of federal funding for broadband expansion been enough since 2015?

According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, almost twelve percent of households were supplied with real fiber optic cables at the end of last year. Nevertheless, significantly more households are connected to gigabit-capable networks, i.e. speeds of at least 1,000 Mbit per second. For this purpose, TV cable networks are upgraded using a special technology (Docsis 3.1). The federal government aims to provide all households in Germany with gigabit-capable connections by 2025.

“The effects of the corona pandemic and the more frequent digital work in particular show that we need resilient networks now more than ever!” Said Daniela Kluckert, member of the German Bundestag. In order to move ahead with the expansion more quickly, innovative installation techniques – for example at a lower depth – would have to be made available and application procedures simplified.

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