it will be 50 times more powerful than 5G

One of the greatest technological references wants to change the world of telecommunications.

5G connectivity it is still far from being fully established in countries like Spain and there are already those who are working in the technology that will succeed it, the 6G.

As they point out from the Business Korea newspaper, originally from South Korea, the Asian country I would already be working on a pilot project. The 6G would be 50 times faster than 5G and it could be available in less than you expect.

Telephone antenna

It is still a long way off, but 6G will be the future of connectivity.

South Korea wants to continue to be a benchmark

The Korean media assures that the country’s prime minister, Chung Se-kyun, has already designed a roadmap together with his government. Pretend to be benchmarks in the future of telecommunications.

Just a few days ago, on August 6, a meeting would have taken place in which the first steps to be taken were agreed. The pilot project would end in the year 2026 and foresees an investment of 200,000 million won, about 143 million euros.

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Five would be the key areas in which the 6G would be introduced: digital healthcare, immersive content creation, autonomous cars, factories, and smart city development.

The Asian country is a technological benchmark, giants like Samsung and LG were born in South Korea. They have the capacity to accomplish such a task, and we could see the first samples of this new technology in just 6 years.

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