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The noose is tightening more and more: The traditional mobile phone manufacturer HTC has never been as bad as it is today. The smartphone legend is fighting for survival. Is there still a chance?


Few cell phone companies have seen a fall as insignificant as HTC. The recently introduced mid-range smartphones were apparently unable to slow the crash, as a look at the business figures of the Taiwanese company shows.

HTC in crisis: smartphone manufacturer is making less revenue than ever

In the past July, HTC generated sales of 9.6 million US dollars – and thus 35.6 percent less than in the same period of the previous year, as PhoneArena notes. The comparison with the previous month is also not very flattering, as the smartphone legend was still able to earn 22.1 million US dollars in June. Here is a minus of a whopping 56.3 percent in comparison.

Particularly bitter: For HTC, it was the worst month in the company’s 23-year history. Even during the economic and financial crisis, the group, which was once the most important and successful Android manufacturer, posted more sales than in June 2020. Such a crash is almost unprecedented, and BlackBerry alone is perhaps comparable in this regard.

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HTC wants to continue producing cell phones

How things will go on with HTC is not clear. The manufacturer has been brave in the past and has announced that it will continue to produce cell phones – after the new CEO Yves Maitre admitted mistakes in the past and admitted that he had not delivered enough innovations in the smartphone industry. After all: HTC’s business with VR glasses Vive seems to be a small ray of hope and shows signs of growth. However, this does not change anything in the general downward trend. Given these horror numbers, the company is unlikely to have many chances of turning things around.

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