Joyn highlights in August – DIGITAL TELEVISION

Aaron Troschke in “Shame Game”

Joyn presents two new originals next month. In addition, the streaming service will release the second season of a popular vampire series in August.

In the second season of “What We Do in the Shadows”, the chaotic vampire flat shares of Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja and Co. are once again on the agenda. Internal conflicts and everyday challenges threaten the idyll of the bloodsuckers. The format is based on the 2014 New Zealand film of the same name. The celebrated vampire comedy was released in Germany under the title “5 room kitchen coffin”. The second season of the American serial branch will be released on August 13 in Germany exclusively on Joyn Plus +.

In “Shame Game”, Aaaron Troschke wants to prove his ability to suffer from August 13th. The concept of his new Joyn show is that the YouTuber faces sloping challenges that are supposed to push it to its limits. The tasks of influencer colleagues such as Dagi Bee, Joyce Ilg and Thunderstorm in the head are selected. Among other things, Troschke bloom a contraction simulator and intimate waxing.

Cora Schumacher as a Bachelorette?

While Aaron Troschke is tortured, celebrity lady Cora Schumacher is looking for the love of her life. In the reality show “Coras House of Love” ten men vie for their favor. In a very small space, Schumacher wants to find out which admirer really suits her, as the broadcaster announced. A man has to leave the house every evening. Maybe the “House of Love” will become the new “Bachelorette” branch of the streaming service? The format starts on August 21 at Joyn Plus +.

Further series restarts in August on Joyn Plus + are all seasons of “Scandal” and the first three seasons of “Bull”. As a non-exclusive series restart, Joyn presents selected seasons of “Faking It”, “Awkward”, “Workaholics”, “The Other Two”, “Another Period” and “Charmed”.

All film fans can look forward to the following titles on Joyn Plus + from August 1st: “RoboCop”, “Miss Bodyguard – In High Heels on the Run”, “21 Jump Street” and “22 Jump Street”. Also “The Zoo Keeper”, “How to Be Single”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Not My Day”, “2012 – The End of the World”, “The Florida Project”, “Friendship!” And “Juliet, Naked” .

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