Justin Bieber shows Pokémon card collection with a $ 55,000 Charizard

Like many children of the 90s, Justin Bieber grew up with Pokémon cards. On Instagram he showed his impressive collection, among which there are real treasures.


The Pokémon franchise has been an integral part of any child’s room since the 1990s. Whether video game, anime or trading cards, there is hardly any way around it. Of course, this also applies to Canada, where Justin Bieber was born and grew up.

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These Pokémon are far too strong

In addition to games and anime, the trading cards are actually a constant of the franchise. Cards from the first generation of prints are particularly popular with collectors and fetch thousands of dollars at auctions. That applies, for example, to the First generation Charizard card worth over $ 55,000.

Justin Bieber also owns such a card, according to his own statement, he shows in a video “All cards of the first generation”. These hang finely lined up in a frame on the wall.

However, the successful pop singer should not have had any major difficulties in financing the trading cards, even if the full set is worth several hundred thousand dollars.

The most valuable and rarest Pokémon card is called however Pikachu Illustrator. This Japanese card is said to exist only 10 times and was only recently auctioned for 206,700 euros bought – but Justin Bieder was probably not.

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