Kathrein Austria celebrates big anniversary

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The company for transmission and reception technology in television, radio and mobile communications has been in Austria for half a century.

The company was founded by Anton Kathrein in Rosenheim in 1919. This year, the first invention followed: a pole disconnector with built-in fuse as lightning protection for high antennas. In 1931 the first radio rod antenna was exhibited at the Leipzig Trade Fair – a sensation for that time.

The history of the Kathrein branch in Austria only began around 40 years later, namely on July 15, 1970. Today, on July 15, 2020, the opening is the fiftieth anniversary.

The Kathrein Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. was founded. by Ing. Anton Kathrein and his son Prof. Dr. Dr. Anton Kathrein in Innsbruck, Tyrol, the home country of the Kathrein family. Ten years later the company moved to Salzburg, where Kathrein Austria is still based today.

With the goal of “bringing people and technology together” and accompanied by research and development, the company has developed steadily over the past 50 years. Starting with classic terrestrial TV reception products, over cable TV broadband technology and satellite reception technology, the transmission technology in the TV broadcast and in the mobile radio area, up to today’s products in the area of ​​streaming, digital radio or smart home security technology.

“With all the technology, you quickly forget that in the end it is about transferring content in order to benefit many people, to inform and entertain them. The signals and the technology change over time, with numerous modernization stages from analog to digital television, pay TV, HDTV to today’s dynamically growing streaming, from GSM to UMTS and LTE to today’s 5G. But, and this is crucial, the benefit and therefore the demands we make of us as a technology company remain, ”explains Ing. Matthias Zwifl, Managing Director of Kathrein Digital Systems Vertriebs GmbH. “Therefore, we are extremely proud to make an active and formative contribution to the communication landscape in Austria over the past fifty years up to and including today and to be economically successful in the process.”

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