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Kathrein Digital Systems

Kathrein now also enables users of the SAT planning tool to design single-cable systems. You can now also convert from cable television to single-cable satellite systems.

In addition, the free planning tool should also receive other new functions. Underneath, for example, individual cans (also retrospectively) can be named individually. The user can now place amplifiers in addition, outputs of multiswitches that are not used can be provided with terminating resistors. The user can also change terrestrial antennas and the lightning protection in the level plan later. In addition, Kathrein promises an optimized help system for the online offer. So far, the tool has been used to plan new installations and conversions of satellite systems for up to four satellites.

Kathrein uses an Elbridge interface. This allows customers to transfer the products used in the planning directly from the SAT planning tool to an online shop. The affiliated wholesalers include FEGA & Schmitt Elektrogroßhandel GmbH, FEGIME Deutschland GmbH & Co. Kg or the ZANDER Group.

As Kathrein announced, the planning tool recorded more than 25,000 hits last month alone. Due to the current expansion of functions and the connection of further wholesalers, the company is still expecting increasing call numbers.

Kathrein gives the following highlights for the functions of the SAT planning tool:

  • Comfortable design of simple & complex SAT / single cable reception systems
  • Complete overview of all level values ​​for the entire system
  • Planning of individual cable lengths & placement of amplifiers
  • Calculation of the respective cable types & packaging units
  • Saving, loading & subsequent editing of a configuration
  • Creation of a level plan (PDF) for the entire system
  • Creation of a material list (PDF) with all required components
  • Automatic transfer of all items to the shopping basket of an electrical wholesale shop via the ELBRIDGE interface

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