Kebekus' church criticism receives praise from the Catholic Women's Association

The chairwoman of the Catholic Women’s Community in Germany, Mechthild Heil, praised a church-critical video by Carolin Kebekus.

With the film, the Cologne comedian turned against discrimination against women in the Catholic Church (DIGITAL TERNSEHEN reported). “We felt exactly the same way and could empathize well,” said CDU politician Heil to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Friday edition).

The German Bishops ‘Conference had accused Kebekus’ video on Facebook of blasphemous elements and the violation of religious feelings. Heil rejected this as “worn out” and “completely wrong”. “All I can say is what about the feelings of countless women who have been hurt by the Church for centuries without caring?”

In the interview, Kebekus emphasized that she did not want to make fun of the faith, but on the contrary show: “There are so many women in the Church with such a great love.” Nevertheless, the men at the helm “preferred to sink the ship than.” that they let the women in. That is absurd. And I believe that in the end there is nothing more than the age-old fear of women. ”

Despite her leaving the church, which was “the only way out” for her due to numerous grievances, she continued to feel very attached to Christianity, said Kebekus.

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