Keys to Brother RJ-3055WB Label Printer with Bluetooth and WiFi

Keys to Brother RJ-3055WB Label Printer with Bluetooth and WiFi

Brother has expanded its RJ Series of portable label and receipt printers with new, more compact and lightweight models. Among them stands out the new Brother RJ-3055WB, a 3-inch portable printer capable of printing at speeds of up to 100mm per second. We are dealing with a compact and lightweight printer, compatible with multiple accessories and that has a built-in WiFi connection. Let’s take a look at its characteristics.

A light and fast printer

One of the most interesting features of the new Brother RJ Series is its size. The Brother RJ-3055WB weighs only 375 grams and it is very small (105 mm wide x 116 mm long x 49.5 mm high). The printer comes with includes adapter and battery included, so it arrives at the company perfectly prepared for its use.

Like the rest of the range, can be customized using different accessories. We have for example a shoulder strap, additional batteries, adapters to charge the machine in the car or covers that allow us to increase the resistance of the printer.

Many professionals can benefit from this compact size and strength. For example, the retail sector will be able to easily print high quality labels to identify and change prices, launch a promotion, manage the queues of customers that form in the boxes and offer a more efficient “click and collect” service.

Another example, professionals in the logistics sector will be able to sign and complete orders and transactions anywhere, as well as deliver good quality documents to their clients. On the other hand, mobile workers (such as traffic or parking agents) will be able to print notices or fines at any time and place.

Regarding technical characteristics, the Brother RJ-3055WB uses direct thermal technology. Has a print speed up to 4ips (101mm / sec) and with a 203 dpi resolution.

On the other hand, it is equipped with connection USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. The latter is the biggest difference we found between the Brother RJ-3035B and the RJ-3055WB.

Price and availability

Launch Brother RJ-3055WB price

In short, the new Brother models are more compact and lighter, making it easy to mobile print receipts and tickets for a wide variety of industries. This model in question offers a print width of up to 3 inches on a machine that weighs less than 400 grams.

The new portable ticket and label printer Brother RJ-3055WB is now available in Spain with an official price of just over 550 euros.

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