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The path of the electrification of the mobile fleet, despite the many obstacles that are being encountered such as the lack of charging points, seems inexorable and there are manufacturers that seem to have understood it perfectly. This is the case of the Korean Kia, which with its latest proposals seems to want to cover practically all mobility needs with proposals that are also quite affordable for the price range that is usually handled for this type of vehicle.

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Kia e-Niro datasheet

Unlike other competitors, which little by little seem to be gaining ground, this brand offers electric vehicles with different bodies (SUV, tourism, utility …) and with two different engines so the offer is quite complete. In our case, we have been able to test its proposal for a compact e-Niro SUV with a platform that allows the model to be purchased in hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric mode, as we were able to test.

Niro without fuel

As we have already pointed out, it is the third version that we tested of the Kia Niro so its design and exterior appearance do not surprise us. It is a compact SUV with a modern look and lines with more urban than off-road inspiration with some sporty touches such as the rear spoiler or the air intake at the bottom of the front bumper. This shot of arie, by the way, has a different aspect than in the other versions that we have tested because it is wider and delimited by a strip of light blue color.

Kia e-Niro, planets 33

Also changes the design of the fog lights, now on the sides of the bumper and elongated, and the calender that is covered by not requiring cooling. In addition and unlike the plug-in hybrid version in this case the power outlet is inserted inside the same grille and not on the side of the car. They also change some of the side moldings and the design of the rims, more adapted to take advantage of the autonomy of the car.

In the interior we also did not find great differences with respect to the other versions of the Niro. Some aesthetic details do differentiate it as discreet sconces in different places, such as surrounding the ventilation nozzles, in the same light blue color that appears on the body. In addition, the automatic gear lever found in the other versions is replaced by a circular selector that fulfills the same function but gives it a less car-like appearance.


Other details are less evident, such as the light on the dashboard that allows the vehicle’s state of charge to be known from the outside or some holes to store objects in the console that were not in the other versions as well as another hole with a lid next to the selector of the change. The indicators behind the steering wheel also have a somewhat different design, in this case the indicator on the right that shows the speed at which we circulate is completely digital and not needle with the two previous versions.

Kia e-Niro, planets 35

On the other hand, the screen between the two circular indicators is larger and presents more information. On the right we will have the data of the operation of the car’s electric motor as well as the state of the battery. The steering wheel is the same as in the other versions with a large number of buttons and selectors that sometimes makes it difficult to hit the function that we need to access without taking our eyes off the road.

The information and entertainment system is also the same as that of the other versions with a seven-inch screen, except that in this case it has a section in which we can program the charging of the car and also the start-up of the air conditioning. We can also display consumption information and show other data of interest to the vehicle such as a map that graphically shows how far we can go with the current battery charge.

Interior space

In terms of habitability, although in the front the seats are just as comfortable as in the other versions, in the back the passengers’ feet will go higher than in other Kia Niro. The reason is that the batteries go at the bottom of the car and therefore the floor at the rear is somewhat higher. It is a configuration and a common drawback with other electric versions of cars with an explosion engine.

Kia e-Niro, planets 37

Curiously, and thanks to this arrangement of batteries, the boot of this version of Niro is the one with the most capacity in the entire range. Its 451-liter capacity wins over the 401-liter Niro hybrid and the even narrower 324-liter plug-in hybrid. In these two cases the battery, somewhat larger in the case of the PHEV version, is located in the boot and therefore the electric version is ultimately the one with the largest boot.

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One of the interesting features of Niro and other KIA models is the significant number of driver assistance systems it offers. In the model we were able to test we had at our disposal the adaptive cruise control with stop and start function, emergency braking system or the lane keeping system. It also has a camera system and driving assistance.

At the wheel

When getting behind the wheel of this KIA you have to take into account that we are going to drive a vehicle with 204 horsepower and an immediate response to the accelerator. This makes it an extremely fast car in acceleration, although in our tests we have noticed that the Hyundai Kona from which we tested the same engine does not lose as much adherence as its counterpart. This is probably because the Niro is a bigger and heavier car.

Kia e-Niro, planets 41

As with the Kona, this electric version of the Niro has a lever on which we can dynamically select the level of retention and recharge of the car. Unlike the Hyundai model, the Niro has seemed to us to have more poise and is more reliable in fast corners. In general, we found it more stable and with a chassis and suspensions more suitable for the level of power and torque that is delivered to us.

The electric Niro with its 64Kw battery can provide us with an autonomy of up to 450 kilometers on urban routes that drops to around 300 if we use it on the road, somewhat less if on those road tours we give ourselves homages with the accelerator to obtain more sporty sensations. Like the Hyundai, the Kona is compatible with fast charging that allows you to charge 80 percent of the battery in one hour, but these chargers are paid and in short supply. Something to keep in mind when starting a trip.


The electric version of the Niro is the perfect complement to the eco-friendly range of small SUVs from the Korean manufacturer. It offers all the advantages and virtues of this model with good finishes, sufficient interior space (although a little compromised for the legs of the rear passengers), good road behavior and good equipment in terms of assistance systems. driving, some very sophisticated.

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The motorization is outstanding and the autonomy of the most extensive of what we can find in vehicles of these characteristics and, above all, of this price. The 204 horsepower and the power available at all times invite a fun driving that does not detract from the noble and safe behavior of the car. The only drawbacks to traveling in a pleasant and quiet way are still the charging network for electric vehicles, still insufficient if we do not own a Tesla and perhaps an update of the somewhat outdated-looking entertainment and information system.

Final assessment


The electric version of the Niro underlines all the good qualities of this Korean model with a powerful and silent motorization in addition to an autonomy above the average. A recommended car although somewhat spartan in some respects for the price it has.

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