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Kingston A400 in price decline: Large SSD at a spin price

Kingston A400 in price decline: Large SSD at a spin price

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After prices for SSDs rose at the beginning of the year, they are now going down again. A well-known Kingston model with a lot of storage space is no exception and is currently being offered at Amazon at an absolute top price. GIGA reveals who it is worth buying.

The prices for SSDs are a constant up and down. After the fast data storage was relatively expensive in the early months of the year, the prices now seem to be dropping down again – to the customers’ friends. If you are looking for a large SSD at the lowest possible price, you will find it on Amazon. There the Kingston A400 with 960 GB storage space is currently for 79.90 euros offered – a real top price, as a look at the price history shows.

Overview of price trends for the Kingston A400 (960 GB) within the past year (Image:

The technical specifications of the Kingston A400 at a glance:

model Kingston A400
capacity 960 GB
Max. Read / write rates 500/450 MB / s
Form factor 2.5 inches
interface SATA 3
Buffer size 32 MB SDR
design type intern
Storage technology TLC

Kingston A400: who is it worth buying?

For everyone who is currently looking for a large SSD at a low price. The Kingston A400 cannot keep up with the quality and the speeds of a Crucial MX500 or Samsung 860 EVO due to the lack of DRAM cache, but it is always faster than a normal HDD. In addition, the premium alternatives mentioned are also sold significantly more expensive. When writing to the Kingston A400 for the first time with a lot of data, you should plan a little more time due to the lack of DRAM cache.

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Good to know: Kingston offers three Years warranty on the SSD. The data storage is actually intended for internal installation in your computer or laptop, but with the appropriate housing you can also use the disk as external storage.

Conclusion: The current offer on Amazon is a really damn good deal. A SATA SSD with 960 GB storage space for the price of just 80 euros is not available every day.

However, if you often play new data in large dimensions on the SSD, you should rather invest a few euros more and resort to a model with DRAM cache. However, the performance of the Kingston A400 should be more than sufficient for the majority of users.

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