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Know if your password has been hacked or leaked

by Tejas Dhawan

There are online services that allow us to check if our account has been filtered in any case. If you have several emails that you use to register, you will have to check them one by one. The advisable thing is that use password managers Or you bet on websites capable of generating strong passwords even if you then have to try a little more to memorize them. Many users continue to use 123456 or QWERTY as their password and it is a bad idea.

Have I been pwned

Although there are some websites that allow us to check if our password has been leaked, Have i been pwned is probably the most useful and the best known. The page collects information on all password leaks for all services and collects them in its database. So just check the email you use often to find out if your password has been leaked. If you have more than one email in use, you will have to check one by one.

The operation is very basic and you will simply find a search engine and a button. In the corresponding box of the search engine you will have to write the email you want to check if it has suffered any leak. Write it in the corresponding bar and click on “pwned? ” to check if it is linked to a leak and, therefore, if your password has been leaked or not. In a few seconds you have the result that you will see in green or red. IF it is green, your password has not been filtered.


If the result that gives you the web mentioned is red When writing your email it is because information and passwords linked to your email have been filtered. In that case, the tool will give you the exact number of massive leaks in which your email appears and right below them you will find a list of all the pages that have suffered attacks or leaks and in which you have registered.

Hacked passwords

Password Chekup

Password Chekup is another of the best options to know if our password has been hacked. It is an official Google extension that we can install in Google Chrome and when we log in, it checks the credentials and confirms whether or not the combination of password and username that we are using at the moment is secure. Regardless of where you log in, this extension will alert you with an alert in case you want to bet on another password or on another account.

The Google Chrme service is free and can be installed in the browser. The drawback is that we will not be able to check each account manually as in the previous one but the advantage is that we won’t have to remember to check it every time but it will automatically warn us, which is perfect for clueless or for those who neglect to check the security data.

Both options are compatible and highly recommended, so to control the security of your passwords, it is best to bet on both: one regularly and the other from time to time to verify that nothing has been leaked.

password has been leaked Password Checkup

What to do?

It is essential that check your passwords from time to time in case there are recent leaks or hacks and that you change the passwords of the services that have appeared in the list. Go to your account of the different websites that appear and change the password as soon as possible to avoid greater evils. Data leaks by some services is not something we can avoid but we can prevent the problem from being greater if we never use the same password on several different websites. Thus we will avoid a massive hack.

How to get strong passwords

There are many websites to generate strong passwords that you could copy and paste to use in the different services. You will not have to complicate yourself when doing it. Generally, it is recommended that passwords are long and it is better that they have capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols. It is also recommended that passwords that collect personal data be avoided and it is always recommended that we use many different passwords for services.

In these cases, there are websites that allow the generation of strong passwords. Almost all of them allow you choose the password length, being 11 or 12 characters the most recommended, and they will allow you to mark if you want them to be easily recommended. Some of these web pages are:


A password generator that is also a password manager. You can choose the type of password. What characters it includes, the length and the security of it. The interface is very intuitive and simple so it is perfect for any user.



Lastpass is also a password generator that can be used online or on the mobile phone and creates random passwords that you can use in any service. You can choose from one character to fifty characters, choose what types of characters appear (uppercase, numbers, symbols, lowercase …)

Generate LastPass passwords


Another of the best password managers is 1Password and we can organize them but also create them. You can choose a random password, a memorable PIN or password. The options are from 8 characters to 100 characters And numbers, symbols or only letters can appear as you need at any moment.

1Password password generator

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