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Kodi 18.7 Leia now available to download: news and changes

by Tejas Dhawan

As is often the case with these versions, hardly any new features at the functionality level are included in a program that already offers a lot of functions. Instead, Kodi is limited to fix errors and introduce small fixes to some minor functionality. Some of them can be so simple that many users do not even realize that the fault exists, but many others can be quite affected. If you have a bug, it’s best to report it to the foundation so they can fix it. The changes are as follows:


Among the errors fixed at the audio level we found that the audio chosen by the user was reset every time the app was run on Android, being quite uncomfortable because it forced to adjust it every time it was entered. An issue related to supporting multi-channel audio tracks has also been fixed.

Playback / display

Numerous changes have also been made in this section, such as fixing the recognition of subtitles when play blu-ray. Playback of Blu-ray Disc protected with AACS encryption is also fixed.

Other minor improvements in this section include better plugin library management if a media stream source is extracted, using JNI instead of NDK for MediaCodec on Android, aspect ratio improvements on Android, and better management of TS files.

Interface and Music

Here we find other minor improvements like some icons that were not seen or hang when opening the favorites dialog. Fixed a bug in animations when clicking on parts of the app. Regarding music, we have fixed errors when indexing items in the library, in addition to making sure that a thumbnail of each album appears.

System, PVR and network

In Windows, a bug that caused problems when downloading dependencies from mirrors has been fixed. Also fixed a bug showing new channels in the schedule that should not be present. At the network level, the credentials management system has been improved by using a proxy, where empty fields could also appear.


Fixed several bugs related to Kodi addons, including a hang if there was an unsupported VFS addon. Also fixed a bug that prevented correct naming of addon folders, or not displaying correctly the titles of some packages.


In the subtitles field, the decoding of HTML Escape characters has also been improved, as well as the use of quotation marks in SMI format.


In the profiles section, a bug that prevented changing profiles, as well as other blocking settings, has been fixed.


Minor enhancements have added Brazilian Portuguese and Swiss German code languages, plus another bug that caused errors when finding NFO files in .RAR files.

In short, we see that there are many improvements at the level of functionality, where the volume was one of the most annoying. You can download Kodi 18.7 on the official website.

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