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Kult-Handy receives improved new edition: traditional manufacturer does not give up

Kult-Handy receives improved new edition: traditional manufacturer does not give up

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Despite a failed comeback, Motorola does not give up: The traditional manufacturer wants to know again with an improved new edition of the RAZR. Compared to the previous model, there are said to be some innovations in the cult phone. The first pictures already allow a look at the new smartphone.

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Since the great success of the NES and SNES Mini at the latest, other electronics manufacturers should have become aware of the nostalgia effect with which money can be made. Motorola will have thought of that when the company revived its legendary RAZR at the end of last year. The disappointing features, technical problems and the comparatively high price tag prevented the smartphone from building on the successes of the past. At least with the former, the group now seems to want to add more.

Motorola RAZR (2020): cult phone with a stronger processor, more RAM and memory

Inside, the Snapdragon 765 is supposed to set the clock, which is accompanied by 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. For comparison: In the RAZR of 2019, buyers had to be content with the rather weak Snapdragon 710, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. The battery should also grow to 2,845 mAh and the main camera should now resolve with 48 MP. Motorola adheres to the basic concept, which means that the new RAZR edition is also a cell phone with a foldable display, as the pictures by insider Evan Blass show.

Picture: Evan Blass.

There are also some improvements to the design. For example, the chin is said to have shrunk somewhat, reports PhoneArena. There, the predecessor still housed the fingerprint sensor, which according to the pictures is now missing. Motorola may have opted for an in-display version or put the sensor in the side power button.

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How much will the new Motorola RAZR cost?

The new Motorola RAZR, which also supports the fast 5G mobile communications standard, is due to make its debut in September. How much the cell phone will cost and in which markets it will be available is not yet known. Given the strong competition from the Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola would have to set the price below 1,500 euros.

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