Laptop legend throws in the towel: traditional manufacturer gives up

Image source: Toshiba

After more than 35 years, an old notebook veteran is saying goodbye to the industry – quickly and painlessly. The company was one of the pioneers in the market, but has not been able to assert itself against the competition in recent years. Fans should still regret the decision.


Toshiba withdraws: the laptop business is sawed off

The official statement from Toshiba, in which the company announces that it will transfer its remaining Dynabooks shares to Sharp, is not even 150 words long. With this, the company is withdrawing completely from the laptop market, which should be a slap in the face for notebook veterans.

With the Toshiba Dynabook T1110 in 1985, the manufacturer set the first benchmarks for the price and features of mobile computers. At just $ 1,899, the portable computer was almost unbeatable in a direct comparison with the competition. With the 4.1 kilogram cult laptop on board:

  • a rechargeable internal battery
  • an LCD with a resolution of 640×200 pixels
  • a floppy disk drive
  • 256 KB RAM
  • Processor: Intel 80C88 @ 4.77 MHz

The current tech news at a glance:

The unimagined huge success ensured that the successor model came onto the market just a year later and Toshiba continued to be loyal to the manufacture of notebooks. In the past few years, however, the company’s laptop portfolio has become silent. 80.1 percent of the PC and laptop division went to Sharp in June 2018, and the remaining 19.9 percent were also secured in June 2020.

Before that, the laptop division was accompanied by a structural change. Toshiba decided to continue shutting down its private customer business and instead concentrate on the more stable business market. But now these efforts are likely to have come to an end for the time being.

There is no official information on the purchase price, but the rumor mill assumes that the Toshiba deal brought the equivalent of around 31 million euros into the coffers. What exactly Sharp intends to do with its laptop acquisition remains to be seen. In this country, the manufacturer is better known for its cheap televisions.

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