Laser vs Optical Mouse – Which is Better for Gaming 2020? [UPDATED]

If you use a perfect gaming PC, you also need the best accessories. This includes at least a high-quality keyboard and mouse. The type of mouse you choose determines how easy you want to play and how much fun you can expect.

There are different mouse styles on the market today, some larger than others and in different designs. There are two main types to choose from, the optical and the laser mouse.

Laser vs optical mouse for games

Each of these types has its strengths and weaknesses in the areas in which it is used. The challenge is to make the right choice for playing.

What are you?

A laser mouse is a type of mouse that uses laser light to detect movement. This type of mouse does not contain any moving parts. It is more accurate than the standard mouse and offers better sensitivity and precision. This type of mouse can be used on any surface.

An optical mouse, on the other hand, is a type of mouse that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode), an optoelectronic sensor, and a digital signal processor to detect changes in light reflected from one image to another.

Your difference

The main difference between the two types of mouse is the type of light they use to track movements. A laser mouse uses lasers to track movements, while an optical mouse uses LED light.

These two mouse types also differ in their DPI. This is basically the number of points a mouse can track per inch. It is used to determine the sensitivity of a mouse.

The laser mouse has a higher DPI of around 6000 compared to its optical counterpart with a DPI of around 3000. This may not be very important to the average user, but gamers and graphic designers will always prefer using a more responsive mouse to work .

How they work

The main determinant of the type of mouse that is good for gaming is how the mouse works.

Speed, sensitivity and accuracy are the most important factors that a player will consider when buying a mouse. Other factors are the cost and reliability of the mouse.

To better understand how these two types of mice work, we analyze the depth of their lighting.

Laser against optical mouse

An optical mouse only recognizes the surface on which it is used, regardless of whether it is a fabric or a mouse pad. The laser mouse, however, recognizes deeper than the top. For this reason, the laser mouse can detect any variation on the surface on which it is used.

In times of slow movement, this can make your mouse a bit nervous, since even the less important information is selected. This can slow down or make work more difficult.

The depth of the mouse lighting determines the extent and speed of the movement.

Top 3 best laser mice for games:

  1. UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI high-precision laser MMO gaming mouse
  2. G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Innovative ambidextrous RGB 8200 DPI laser game mouse
  3. Redragon Gaming Mouse for PC games M901 Perdition Redragon MMO Mouse

Top 3 best optical mice for games:

  1. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Chroma-enabled RGB Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  2. CORSAIR SCIMITAR Pro RGB – MMO gaming mouse
  3. HAVIT HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse

Laser or optical mouse to play with?

With all this information, players should now be able to choose the best mouse type for a better gaming experience. Here are the determining factors:

1. The cost

The cost of a mouse is always very important, regardless of whether you buy it for normal computer use or for games. The laser mouse has long been perceived as better and considered better than the optical mouse. Therefore the price for laser mice was always higher.

Nowadays the optical mouse works just as well as the laser mouse and its difference is no longer significant. Today you can buy an optical mouse at a price very similar to a laser mouse. The high-priced mice are the ones that come with additional features and a better design.

Cost should therefore not be the deciding factor in whether the laser mouse is better for games than the optical mouse.

2. Key functionality

Optical mice have two buttons and a single scroll wheel. Laser mice, on the other hand, have more functions and additional buttons that make them more functional than their counterparts. Laser mice are more programmable to work better for individual users.

3. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a mouse is determined by its DPI. In this case, the laser mice are more sensitive than the optical mouse. However, due to technological progress, this is no longer very important. The mice used today have a more advanced CMOS, making even mice with low DPIs more sensitive.

You may not be able to select a perfect mouse for gaming due to the DPI However, depending on your needs, you can easily find a more sensitive optical or laser mouse.

4. Accuracy

The accuracy of a mouse depends on how well it analyzes the surface on which it is placed. In this case, a laser is more accurate than an LED light. Lasers don’t miss a thing when it comes to analyzing what’s beneath them. This is the same accuracy they have when analyzing data. For this reason, a laser mouse can work perfectly on any type of surface.

In contrast, optical mice are less accurate. LED light is not enough to be more detailed. This is limited to a few types of surfaces. Because light is used for lighting, an optical mouse works better on a non-reflective surface because it is unreliable on glossy surfaces.

However, at slow speeds, a laser mouse is a bit nervous and this can make work more difficult. An optical mouse is not as perfect as its data analysis counterpart, but it works exactly on non-glossy surfaces such as a mouse pad.

5. Battery consumption

Players must choose between wired and wireless gaming mice. Wireless mice are more preferred than wired because of their flexibility. They also look and feel better. However, they use batteries. In this case, you need to select a mouse type with a better battery life. Wireless laser mice are known for their good battery life. They can be operated with Li-On batteries for longer than 8 months. Optical wireless mice, on the other hand, have a terrible battery life.

However, rechargeable batteries are better for wireless mice because they are more reliable and economical.


When choosing a mouse for games, you have to choose very carefully what works perfectly for them. Both the optical and the laser mouse are very good, depending on what you want to achieve. For gamers and designers, how
ever, an optical mouse always works better than a laser mouse. There are several reasons for this.

Optical mice react faster and can therefore be more reliable compared to a laser mouse. Sensitivity and reliability are two very important aspects when playing, especially for intense players. This is the type of mouse that moves quickly and accurately throughout the game session. However, players using optical mice have to stick to mouse pads.

Some players who move a lot and are looking for more flexibility will find that a laser mouse is a better option.

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