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Last "BumsBuster" today at Tele5

Last "BumsBuster" today at Tele5

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After the frivolous retro stripes of the erotic series were already allowed to let off steam in the Ruhr area and the German legendary landscape of the Nibelungen, today the last part of the “Bumsbuster” goes to one of the genre’s favorite locations: the German foothills of the Alps. The slogan is: “Out of the dirndl, into bed”.

After “Siegfried and the secret love life of the Nibelungen”, a shrewd sex suit from 1970 is on the program for the retro specialists at Tele5: “Bed candy in Upper Bavaria” is waiting with a less stately 5.2-star average rating in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), but was able to reach 10th place in the list of “Best Home Films of the 1970s” (Moviepilot).

But when it comes to elderly villains, the high-level considerations of cineastes are certainly not the essential reference – it is primarily about the joy of the moody trash, as it has now glorious tradition at Tele5. After all, the “Bumsbustern” is not the only series of the TV station that offers a platform for sometimes absurd niche phenomena in the film cosmos: Trash professor Oliver Kalkofe and his “Worst Movies of All Time” (SchleFaZ) now have a remarkable one Fan base accumulated.

Which primary motives the inclined viewer is now getting to grips with for the time being, the last work of the “Bumsbuster” series, does not need to be discussed further – in some cases, youth memories of a time when permissive content was not as accessible as it is certainly awake in contemporary internet days.

“Betthupferl in Oberbayern” was created under the title “The Maidens of Bumshausen” and was published by Lexicon of international film as a “German comedy on the lowest level“Dispatched. Those who want to form their own judgment can Tonight at 11:50 p.m. at Tele5 switch on. Small Easter egg on the edge: “Seven days, seven heads” star Jochen Busse can be seen in an early role in the FSK18 film.

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