LastPass introduces security dashboard with dark web monitoring

Among other things, the dashboard provides information about weak passwords. Dark web surveillance matches saved login data with databases with compromised usernames and passwords. The offer limits LastPass to subscribers.

LogMeIn has equipped its password manager LastPass with a new security dashboard. It is designed to provide users with a complete overview of the security of their online accounts. Another new feature is dark web monitoring, which warns users of security breaches such as leaked or stolen credentials.

For this purpose, LastPass compares stored login data with email addresses and user names in third-party databases that contain stolen and lost access data. In the event of a hit, the user is immediately informed by email. A warning and a request to change the password of the compromised account also appear in the security dashboard.

LastPass security dashboard (Image: LogMeIn)The security dashboard also shows warnings from dark web monitoring (Image: LogMeIn).“It is extremely important to be informed about ways to protect your own online identity if login, financial or personal data has been compromised. Adding dark web monitoring and alerting to the security dashboard was a breeze for us. LastPass already takes care of customers’ passwords. Now they can extend that protection to more parts of their digital lives, ”said Dan DeMichele, vice president of product management at LogMeIn.

The security dashboard should not only inform users about compromised passwords, but also provide a complete picture of their online security. It is called up via the side menu and shows, among other things, a safety score. This includes, among other things, passwords classified as unsafe. However, the dashboard also shows all services or providers for which login data has been saved. Passwords can also be changed directly via the dashboard, which directs users to the websites of the respective providers.

Dark web monitoring can also be switched on in the dashboard. According to the company, it works continuously in the background. However, the function is only available to users with a premium, family or business customer subscription. LogMeIn also shows the function of the dashboard in a video.

According to the company, the company offers dark web monitoring, among other things, because users often do not know what threats are posed by this part of the Internet. According to a survey of 3,000 consumers worldwide, percent don’t even know what the dark web is. Accordingly, only 14 percent can control whether their information is on the dark web.

A service that enables this without a subscription is Have I Been Pwned by security researcher Troy Hunt. The browser providers also offer Mozilla with Firefox Monitor and Google with the password check extension for Chrome similar free services.

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