launch a direct payment system

Fortnite is a very popular game in Spain, which finally arrived two years after its launch on the Play Store. The reason for this delay is that Epic Games has always opposed the commission that stores like Google Play ask for their income. The problems between those responsible for the game and these stores do not end, and less now with their new decision.

Epic Games introduces a direct payment within the game, designed for Fortnite players to save money. In addition to making those responsible for the game earn more money, by avoiding the commissions of the Play Store and App Store. Although this direct payment could be against the rules.

Fortnite declares war on the Play Store and App Store

The commission that you store like Google Play or the Apple App Store establish is usually 30%. So each in-app purchase that is made in a game like Fortnite, means that Google or Apple take 30% of that amount. For years Epic Games did not put the game in stores, because they refused to pay this commission, although it was a long time since they finally gave in, launching the game in them.

By launching the game, the company accepts the rules of both stores. Epic Games now announces a new direct payment system, which dodges both stores and offers a number of discounts to players. This is possible because the payment is made directly in the game, avoiding going through the stores, so the money goes directly to Epic Games. Although they have introduced this system, it is a system that goes against the rules of the store.

Fortnite introduces V-bucks, a currency for the game in this direct payment system. Thanks to this system, users are allowed to save money, as they will pay 20% less on many items in the game. Users pay less, but Epic Games wins, since they earn more than when they have to give a share to Google or Apple. Now they “lose” 20%, but before it was 30% with stores as intermediaries.

Fortnite direct payments

If we want to use these V-bucks in Fortnite, both on Android and iOS, we are taken to a page where we can pay with a credit card or using PayPal, avoiding the use of Google Pay or Apple Pay. The problem Epic Games is facing is that this it is against the rules of the two stores, which would cause both to withdraw the game from their stores. It may not take long to pass, so we will see what happens.

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