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Launch Death Stranding PC Trailer –

Launch Death Stranding PC Trailer –

505 Games has just released the launch trailer for Death Stranding when the former exclusive Playstation finds its way into the almighty gray box. Metal Video Solid creator Hideo Kojima is a game about a world torn apart by mysterious forces as you cross hostile and oppressive environments and fight to help people reconnect. It’s a high-level concept that could only come from a creator who was released after years of mostly playing Metal Gear Solid games.

The trailer shows a bit of the tone and feel of the game, without revealing a lot of storyline spoilers. There is also a glimpse of some of the new graphics features implemented for this version of PC, as well as some of the half-life crossover elements available exclusively for the PC version of the game.

The game is now available in the Steam and Epic Game Store.

Check out Death Stranding’s system requirements here and visit our PC build page if you want to upgrade this gorgeous looking game.

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