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The month of July 2019 was remembered for the presentation of one of the most anticipated mobiles by the Xiaomi fan community, taking into account the enormous success of the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Xiaomi Mi A2, its most direct predecessors. However, the commercial evolution of Xiaomi Mi A3 It has been a torment for manufacturers and users.

Today, knowing how Xiaomi’s strategy is, it is incomprehensible that we have not come across any rumors or leaks about the Xiaomi Mi A4, the model that should continue (and above all, improve) the range of mobile phones of the Chinese brand with Android One. However, just a few days after the end of the month, we have no news about smartphones. Has the Xiaomi Mi A range?

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No news of the Xiaomi Mi A4

There are no leaks from the main leakster of the Xiaomi ecosystem. There are no advances by the firm as it usually happens with other models of the company- There are not even conceptual images of the phone developed by the community of designers who are dedicated to advancing future Xiaomi phones. There is nothing that makes us think that, in the near future, the market will receive any Xiaomi Mi A4.

Recall that the successful Mi A1 was launched in 2017 to be succeeded in the market by the excellent Mi A2 just one year later. The manufacturer then shortened the deadlines and launched its Xiaomi Mi A3 less d even a year later but, today and after 12 months of the launch of that, it does not seem that the brand is very much for the work of continuing to launch mobiles with Android One. Or at least not within this family.

The first rumors about the Mi A3 emerged months before the final launch of the phone in the summer of last year but as far as the Mi A4 is concerned … total silence.

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Will it be a version of a Xiaomi that we already know?

As usually happens with the brand, the mobile should be a review of a phone already presented by the brand but the phone that should be renamed … does not yet exist. We explain ourselves.

The Mi A1 was nothing more than the renowned Chinese Xiaomi Mi 5X, just as the Xiaomi Mi A2 was a European version of the Mi 6X. For the Xiaomi Mi A3 the model on which the brand was based was the Xiaomi CC9e, released a few weeks before, but to this day, there is no trace of any hypothetical Xiaomi Mi CC10.

There are rumors and speculations that a mobile phone that has already served to give life to Redmi Note 9 be the future version of a hypothetical Xiaomi Mi A4, but it seems that the firm wanted to promote its Redmi range, leaving aside the phones with Android One.

The huge problems of the Xiaomi Mi A3

Enveloped in a huge controversy for having lowered the screen resolution regarding the Mi A2 (despite having better technology), soon Xiaomi’s nightmare grew to unsuspected levels with the first updates of the Xiaomi Mi A3. The former caused so many problems that the brand was forced to interrupt them repeatedly. The thing continued without looking good to the point that the latest updates deactivated essential functions such as Dual SIM.

Android 10 Xiaomi Mi A3 final

If we add all this string of errors that seems to have weighed the trust of users and customers of the brand with the current pandemic situation that has affected the production of numerous phones, it seems that Xiaomi would have decided to pause its Mi A family with a view to reorganizing its catalog.

For this reason we can’t wait for a Xiaomi Mi A4 soon And, probably, a new family with Android One will be born next year.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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