Leak posed for release date of PS5 accessories

The release date of the PS5 is still a secret. An employee of a well-known retail chain now reveals interesting details about upcoming third-party hardware and invites you to puzzle with the published release date.

PlayStation 5

PS5 accessories: release date leaked

The leaked accessories for the PlayStation 5 are not the peripherals officially announced by Sony. In a Reddit thread, a supposed employee of a sales shop is now sharing Details to the said accessories and even specifies a scheduled release date.

This is for the November 03 scheduled. In the same breath, however, he expressly emphasizes that it is very likely a placeholder.

However, the date fits very well with the other notes and information that are already known about the PS5. The console is for End of 2020 announced and in the past November was always the release month of new consoles. Of course, whether the PS5 itself could be released on this date remains open.

It could also be possible that the console accessories are sold in advance while the PS5 is not yet on the market. A user on Reddit confirms this assumption by noting that before the release of the PS4 hardware was already available.

The third-party accessories mentioned are a magnetic controller dock, a stand, a grip kit for the DualSense and various magnetic and luminous cables.

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The future will show whether November 3rd really marks the release of the accessories or even the PS5. What do you think of the information? Do you think the PS5 could also be released on this date? And what accessories do you get for the console? Please write us your opinion in the comments.

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