Leaked new details about the "Mission Impossible" function

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WhatsApp is planning a new function that is known in the form of the “Mission Impossible” films. What sounds a bit crazy now should change Messenger forever. Now new details have emerged.

WhatsApp: messages destroy themselves

It’s been known for a long time that WhatsApp wants to introduce a feature that allows messages to self-destruct after you’ve read them. Following the example of SnapChat, the messages destroy themselves in “Mission Impossible” fashion. Of course, the cell phone doesn’t go up in smoke, it just deletes the message after reading it. The WhatsApp experts from WABetaInfo have now published new details and first screenshots of the function, which not only confirm the existence of the feature, but also new details that were previously unknown:

It was previously known that you can set the time after which sent messages are deleted – that is, after an hour, a day, a month and so on. Now the description says that the chat history will be automatically deleted after 7 days. We’ll have to wait and see whether there will be more options before the final release.

But not only the messages in a chat for which the function is activated are deleted, but also the pictures, videos, emojis and everything else that you have sent. Photos and videos may still be found on the phone memory, however. If you have something to hide, you shouldn’t forget this part if you want to cover up all traces.

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When does the new WhatsApp function come?

The state of development seems very advanced, but with WhatsApp you can never say exactly when new functions will be introduced. A simple function like “Dark Mode” took years to implement, while other, much more complex functions appeared overnight. GIGA will keep you up to date and inform you when the new feature is available.

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