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They may not be enough if you want your son or daughter learn to read at home without other methods and there will be many more factors that influence that they do it correctly and fluently, but these activities and hobbies will allow them to demonstrate what they already know or to remember what they have learned at school during vacations or breaks without being make a big effort or stop playing.

Pipo will ring a bell because the character has been for years one of the classics among children’s activities and the chips for little ones. Their website has some of the best activities to learn to read online at different levels from three years to ten or twelve years. The website allows us to try games such as completing words with B and V or touching the different clouds according to the corresponding vowels.

According to the level they will be able to advance: how words are written, what are paron words, etc. In addition to the games that you can see with the naked eye when you open the web, you can also register to access other 5,000 available games with unlimited access and just by typing your email address. It is one of the best websites if you are looking for fun but useful hobbies for children perfect to do on vacation and accessible without installing anything on mobiles or tablets or on any computer.

Pipo to learn to read online

ABC Tree is an educational portal for children with all kinds of games and activities organized by age. It is divided into three sections by age: from 3 to 5 years, from 5 to 7 years or readers from 7 to 10 years. In the first section for children of preschool age they will be able to practice with all kinds of games with letters as protagonists. For example, activities to recognize vowels, order them, recognize letters or trace vowels with the computer mouse.

For more experienced children who already know how to read there will also begames to review what they already know How to complete words or use the syllables that appear on the screen to form words and expand your vocabulary. All games are free and it is a website that you can access from your mobile phone or tablet, in addition to your computer. One of the best, without a doubt, to learn to read online at any age and with fun activities while playing.

ABC tree to learn to read online

Although the interface it is not the most comfortable or attractive that we are going to see and it is a little dated or excessively colorful, Rainbow Games is another option for children who want to learn online. In the games section we can go to “Letters” and here we will find activities for the children to go using consonants and vowels to complete the different games, of all kinds. From the classic Hangman and Letter Soup to a capital train and other simple options designed for any age and easy to understand.

Rainbow games to learn to read online

Mundo Primaria is a free website with all kinds of resources. It is not only one of the best pages to learn to read online and for free, but it has all kinds of games that serve as reinforcement to the little ones in the house: stories, songs, jokes, educational games, multiplication tables, mathematics or English . Among the language games for primary school children we find exercises on grammar, vocabulary, spelling or reading comprehension so that the little ones can consolidate what they already know and practice reading and writing. It is a recommended page for cany house with children small thanks to the amount of resources it offers to all ages and all of them at no cost.

Primary world

Smile and Learn is paid but it is one of the best platforms to learn to read online but also any other subject. English, science, geography. It is a platform designed for children from 3 to 12 years old that you can try for free. It has about 100 news a month and more than 5,000 activities available designed for any age and with an interface adapted to the little ones. In addition, without ads or access to the internet or social networks so that it is completely adapted and safe. It is a very interesting option for 6.99 euros per month and with a free first month.

In addition, each subscription can be used on different devices and is compatible with Android, iOS or Windows. In addition, up to five children can also use the platform at no additional cost and each one can go at their own pace and level. Among the activities they will be able to learn to read online or consolidate what they already know by reading biographies, curiosities or all kinds of interesting topics for them.

This website has very simple activities that will remind us of any book we have used twenty years ago to learn to read. Do a review of the different letters and syllables for the children to do exercises that help them to know the letters and use them. It is not the most modern nor the most attractive in terms of design or activities but uses a classic method and we know that it works. For example, we will have to point to the drawings that have the letter Ñ or keep tapping on it in the different words. We insist that it looks like a game that our parents could have bought us on CD-ROM twenty years ago but it can be useful if you are looking for something simple.

Learn to read online

Beyond learning to read, what strikes us as Vedoque are your typing courses for children that will help to use all the keys and all the fingers but with an adapted design that is not boring for the little ones. But you will also find exercises to learn to read online with activities to help with learning. In general, none of the games is a substitute for learning to read with other methods, but they will help to practice with the syllables and the words with several different levels.

In addition to methods to learn to read online, Vedoque has a large number of games designed for children to get used to using the computer with the use of the mouse or the tablet. And another advantage of this website is that its games are divided into levels according to the courses: from kindergarten to sixth grade, adapting to the children’s level.


Cokitos is another one of those essentials that we never lack when we collect web pages that have to do with children. As such, it is not an option to learn to read but to play games and activities with letters, review the alphabet, order them, or learn vowels and consonants. It allows you to review, learn or become familiar with the different letters even if you don’t learn to read with these games. Cokitos has organized categories from 3 years up to secondary and for adults. And in each of them you will find content adapted for that age.

But you can also touch on the categories or themes to choose the one you are looking for and, in this case, we can go to “Letter Games” to find mazes, color with letters or even games where you will have to discover what the silhouette is or learn to draw the lines to form an A, B or C. They are simple and enjoyable activities for the little ones. All of them are free and you can enter from any device: mobile phone, tablet, computer …


You may be wondering what Pinterest, an image website, can contribute to the best pages to learn to read online. But it is always a source of knowledge and resources for the little ones. In this case, Pinterest is full of options and downloadable tabs for the little ones in the house. Just put “Learn to read” And you will find ideas for activities to do at home, booklets and index cards, useful games that you can repeat and all kinds of entertainments and hobbies of literacy at any level. You will not have interactive online games as in other websites or applications but you will have resources to apply at home using all kinds of methods and without buying anything.

Pinterest - birthday greetings for WhatsApp

Educlan is a tool launched in Spain in March 2020 to try to help children continue with school classes during the confinement due to coronavirus. Although the confinement ended, the web is still active and is undoubtedly one of the best for learning to read online but also any type of subject. There are not all the options that were during the confinement but you will find links to games, books or videos for all levels if you need to find applications or websites to learn any subject.


Happy Learning is one of the best websites with children’s content for all ages, with educational games for children. And here we find the Language and Literature section ofWhere they will be able to do exercises on flat words, sharp words or esdrújulas. But beyond games, the interesting thing about this website are the videos that includes where we will find all kinds of lessons about punctuation, spelling rules, verbs, synonyms and antonyms … A large collection of videos that can be viewed directly from the website itself and offer lessons in just four or five minutes with cartoons easy to understand, attractive and recommended at any age.

Beyond learning to read online, Happy learning also has videos and exercises in mathematics, English, music, and curiosities. In addition to the different games and quiz that we find to check if they have understood it correctly.

Happy learning to learn to read online

Mobile applications

Beyond the websites, we collect some applications that do not have an online version and you can exclusively use them if you download them on your mobile phone or Tablet.

Leo with Grin

Leo with Grin is one of the best applications to learn to read and is available for iOS and Android. A little monster will guide the children on the Tablet or the mobile phone so that they learn the words. There are 30 lessons in total divided into six missions. It begins with the vowels and is followed by the letters that are considered the simplest to advance through the levels. Every lesson of the 30 has 13 games and each game 2 levels to go perfecting. The child will be able to advance at his own pace and with his fingers he will learn to trace the different letters in addition to using them to form words, to discover syllables, etc.

The application is free and available for iOS and Android. It is one of the most recommended by parents and teachers and has thousands of downloads in the app stores.

Download Leo with Grin for iOS | Download for Android

ABC Dinos

Dinosaurs are always a recommended theme among the little ones and ABC Dinos is one of the best tools for download on mobile or tablet if you want to go over the letters with them. The application is free and recommended for children between 3 and 7 yearss with voices that will guide them so they know what to do and with a simple interface adapted to the little ones. Practicing reading and writing is more enjoyable with the different adventures that this game includes with activities such as writing letters, forming words or knowing which letter begins.

The app is available for iOS and Android in six languages and is from the creators of one of the best math apps, MathLand. An app created in Spain by the Didactoons studio and one of the most recommended that you can download.

Download ABC Dinos on Android | Download ABC Dinos for iOS

ABC Dinos


For iOS we have myABCKit, an application with activities to learn to read and write, with themes and games adapted to any age and with a large library with stories and vocabulary so that the children become familiar with the different words. More than 3,000 vocabulary words that are designed for children between 3 and 7 years old and can be accessed from the iPad or iPhone if you are looking to learn to read online at your own pace, with audio stories, videos, exercises.


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