Lenovo works on an Android tablet that serves as a second monitor

Android mobile manufacturers have long since given up on creating tablets, at least massively. One of the exceptions is Lenovo, which with its Yoga series continues to research and create quite curious proposals.

One of its most interesting products is the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, a tablet that also becomes a smart speaker with a screen.

Tablet and second monitor: two in one

In this line, the company’s engineers continue to advance as it has been leaked that they work on a new Yoga Tablet that instead of becoming a smart speaker can be used as an external monitor.

Thanks to an HDMI connection this tablet could be a support for laptops, other tablets and even mobile phones, something that would allow its use even when we use other devices, which is impossible with a normal tablet.

At the moment not much is known about it and we have only seen what Evan Blass has published in his Patreon account, as they tell in XDA Developers.

Lenovo works on an Android tablet that serves as a second monitor

This function would be similar to the one that Apple has with the Sidecar of the iPad, and it would be very interesting if it were implemented natively on Android so that manufacturers had more incentives to create tablets and users more incentives to buy them.

Additionally, the interface would be redesigned to allow the use of device brightness or volume controls even if Android is not being displayed and used as an external monitor.

All these data refer to the same product, it is possible that it is a project that has been canceled, or that takes a long time to go to market. We really hope that is not the case because it could give Android tablets the focus they need to get out of their ostracism.

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