less battery usage and fingerprint payments

Google Chrome is the most used Android browser in Spain, which also has several different versions. All those who use it on their phone know that it is a heavy browser and that it consumes a lot of battery. While there are certain methods or tricks that help reduce such consumption, for many it is insufficient.

From Google they work on solutions for reduce battery consumption in your browser, since an experimental function is being tested in Google Chrome 86. In addition, the browser also works to support payment verification through biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).

Google Chrome will consume less battery

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This new tool works by limiting the background tabs to one Javascript timer activation per minute. Web pages include Javascript tasks like check the cursor position or if it interacts with the ads. Due to the nature of such tasks, it makes no sense that they are running continuously in the background in the browser.

The company has been testing this feature in Google Chrome for weeks, both in its version for phones and computers. In all cases it has been possible to see a remarkable battery saving, although it also depends on the page that is in the foreground, so it is a saving that will be variable. This is a function available as an experimental function in the browser. Although it is not yet known when it will arrive officially and stable.

Verify payments with your fingerprint

It is not the only novelty that we can expect to arrive soon in Google Chrome. Since a new experimental function has been discovered in the browser, which is called Allow using platform authenticators to retrieve server cards or Allow the use of platform authenticators to retrieve server cards in Spanish. It would be a function that will allow to use the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition to verify a card or payment.

When activating this function in the browser on Android, it is allowed to use an option called Screen Lock, as another way to confirm payments. This way, when you want to make a purchase, instead of having to enter the CVC code of the card, you can use your fingerprint sensor to identify yourself and that this is enough to verify said purchase.

For the moment it is unknown if this function is going to be launched in Google Chrome in a stable and official way, since it is only available as an experimental function in the browser on Android. It could be a way to make online payments from the browser much simpler.

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