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Let’s remember the video with which Microsoft made fun of Android and iOS

by Tejas Dhawan

There is one thing clear, when we talk about ads, advertising and marketing, we can not deny that Apple wins. The Cupertino company has always taken care of every detail when it comes to making quality advertisements, but nor can we deny that their “competition” was not far behind. And no, we are not talking about Google’s Android – which by the way could have been bought by Samsung in its day – but Microsoft.

Because in addition to Android and iOS, there was a third operating system at odds: Windows Phone. Led by the beautiful and elegant Nokia Lumia, the truth is that Microsoft’s operating system did not quite materialize among the public, although He left us one of the most remembered and fun commercials of the moment. Do you remember him?

Don’t Fight: Microsoft announcement mocking Android and Apple fanboys

The announcement shows us a wedding in which, at a given moment, a pitched battle begins between the guests who are divided between users of Android and iPhone phones. At the end, two workers appear at the venue where the union is being held, holding Nokia Lumia phones and wondering the reasons for the fight. Summary? That we stop fighting between Android and iOS and move to Windows Phone.

Despite great ads like this, we all know how the Redmond company’s operating system ended. According to a former Microsoft executive, the technology giant underestimated Android and never imagined that Google’s operating system would become so popular in such a short time. A greater abundance Windows 8 did not help much either and it is that we can affirm without fear of being wrong that said operating system did much more harm than good to Microsoft.

Something similar happened to Microsoft with the Apple iPad. What at first seemed like a “toy” product, it soon became one of the most popular devices among users and fighting for the computer market. Of course, nobody can take away from Microsoft having made one of the funniest announcements in the history of mobile telephony.

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