Limitation of 5G bands to the public: Spain would have private frequencies

This has been pointed out by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital InfrastructuresRoberto Sánchez, who affirms that the Government could allocate a specific part of the spectrum for uses industrial and private, with the band of the 26 GHz as the main option. What seems clear is that the 700 MHz will not be, due to the tightness of that spectrum and because the operators will not want to give up a single MHz from there. However, the 26 GHz range will be very limited to a few hundred meters, being very sensitive to obstacles such as walls, which can negatively affect deployments within large companies, or force them to fill everything with antennas.

Roberto Sánchez also recalled at the telematic meeting organized by the 5G National Observatory that the auction of the 700 MHz spectrum will take place in the first quarter of 2021, and that the frequencies will be free on October 31 throughout Spain when the Second Digital Dividend.

In addition, he stressed that Spain is the first country in Europe in terms of 5G pilot tests, and also indicates that Spanish operators are going to launch another eight more pilots this June in various autonomous communities of Spain. Last year two were awarded in Andalusia and Galicia by Telefónica and Vodafone.

These pilot tests are co-financed with European funds and endowments of up to 45 million euros, and the projects being carried out are part of the second call for 5G tests at the EU level.

In September they will publish the 5G 2021-2025 Deployment Plan

In turn, Roberto Sánchez has also confirmed that the Government will present the new 5G deployment plan from 2021 to 2025. In it we will probably see new rules regarding roaming between operators and joint deployment to reduce the cost. It is very likely that one of the requirements that fall within that deployment plan is that 5G have a coverage similar to that of 4G today.

Lastly, he also highlighted the importance of public-private collaboration in the deployment of the new 5G networks; especially in the areas that currently suffer from the digital divide in order to bring the best speeds to the entire population of Spain.

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