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list of changes and news

list of changes and news

The operators are increasingly betting on applications to see their channels and television content beyond the deco. The rapid evolution of mobiles, tablets and Smart TVs makes them capable of offering a good viewing experience through the application, something that has been demonstrated by streaming giants such as Netflix. In addition, to these we must add that you are betting on charging for the decoder or directly launching offers that do not include it, also looking for ways to get new income. To see the Orange TV channels we have today a new mobile application that arrives full of news.

Orange TV has released a new app for mobile devices with an even more agile, intuitive and innovative interface, and with great improvements in navigation and usability. This can be downloaded for compatible mobile operating systems right now to enjoy all the news that we will explain below.

Orange TV news

The news The new app that is now available to download and view all the contents of Orange TV are:

  • New features to follow the preferred series: focusing on the next episode of the series that is being watched, suggestion to enjoy the next one when the one that is being watched is ending …
  • New ranks at home: about football, current series, movies of the week …
  • Extension of the content compatible with Chromecast, which can now also be used with those included in the “Last 7 Days”, “StartOver” and “Recording” functionalities.
  • Zoom into the player.
  • Parental control by programs.
  • Search improvements: now they allow searching by Actor, Director, Genre …

orange tv

New television offer in Orange

All this makes a lot of sense with the renewal of the Orange television offer that takes effect next Monday. We say goodbye to current packages to have only Total TV, which includes a decoder, and Tv play, which can only be enjoyed from the different applications of the operator. Its characteristics are the following:

Total TV

  • All football. Broadcast of LaLiga (first and second division), the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League in the 2020-2021 season.
  • More than 90 channels (including the best cinema and series channels, the exclusive Orange Series channel and all DTT channels) and more than 50,000 “premium” contents, as well as special à la carte services such as AMC Selekt, Fox Now, AXN Now , National Geographic Now and Cosmo On.
  • Netflix Standard Plan, to enjoy all the content of the platform in HD quality and on up to two screens.
  • 24-month Amazon Prime subscription.

Tv play

  • More than 40 channels, including the exclusive Orange Series channel.
  • Main DTT and international channels, all to enjoy on up to 5 devices.
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