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The Cecotec Mambo series is currently made up of two models, the Mambo 8090 and the Mambo 9090. The two kitchen robots share design and system, so the majority of problems that we can find in the two devices are more or less similar. To identify the type of error, the robots have a warning system based on error codes (Error E7, Error E03…). On this occasion we have collected all these errors to give you a solution through the suggestions of the brand itself.

Before proceeding with the explanations, it is necessary to clarify that the format of the error code may differ from one model to another. For example, Error 2, Error 02, or Error E02. All these codes refer to the same problem, so they share a solution.

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Solution to Error E1, Error 1 or Error 01 of the Mambo Cecotec

This warning refers to a bad placement of the lid or the robot jar, either because they are not in the correct position or because the lid has not been hermetically closed. The solution to this problem is based on disassemble both elements and reassemble them correctly making sure that the jar lid is closed hermetically. close the lid. Applicable to both Mambo 8090 and Mambo 9090.

Solution to Error E2, Error 2 or Error 02 of the Mambo Cecotec

This error refers to the same problem we encountered with the first notice. The solution, therefore, is the same as in Error E01. In fact, the brand itself has provided a video solution through Cecotec’s YouTube account.

Solution to Error E3, Error 3 or Error 03 of the Mambo Cecotec

One of the most frequent errors in the robot and that usually refers to the excess amount of food in the jar. The solution provided by the brand itself is cut food into smaller pieces or reduce the amount of food stored. Another solution the brand provides is based on slightly moving the robot gear with the included butterfly bucket.

In any case, to make the warning disappear we will have to restart the robot through the appropriate button. If it persists, Cecotec recommends that the problem be reported to your repair service.

Solution to Error E4, Error 4 or Error 04 of the Mambo Cecotec

Notice 04 or E4 is related to the lack of food in the jar or to the excess temperature of the robot. We can test add more food or wait for it to cool down. Again we will have to force the restart of the robot to make the warning disappear.

Solution to Error E5, Error 5 or Error 05 of the Mambo Cecotec

Unlike the previous error, this warning is usually related to excess food for a long period of time. It can also be due to a continuous excess of temperature. What the brand recommends is lower the robot’s temperature before turning it on and reduce the amount of food with which we normally cook to avoid future problems in the motor of the Mambo 8090 or Mambo 9090.

Solution to Error E6, Error 6 or Error 06 of the Mambo Cecotec

Another of the most common warnings and that is related to the variable speed function at low speeds (from 1 to 5) and high speeds (from 6 to 10). The solution in this case for remove the jar from the robot to rotate the bottom bracket manually.

Solution to Error E7, Error 7 or Error 07 of the Mambo Cecotec

In essence, this is the same error as the previous notice. The difference is that we can use the MamboMix spoon to rotate the support manually, as suggested by the brand itself on its official YouTube account.

Solution to Error E8, Error 8 or Error 08 of the Mambo Cecotec

There is no apparent solution to this error, as it may be an internal failure of the robot itself. The brand recommends directly contacting customer service to assess the case individually.

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