Listen to YouTube videos on your Amazon Echo with Alexa

There are two different methods for your Amazon Echo and Alexa to play YouTube music or videos.

Having an Amazon Echo at home allows you to perform many actions just by asking Alexa. One of them is play music or YouTube videos, and so we are going to explain it to you in this guide.

If you want to combine certain activities with playing YouTube content while you are at home, you just have to tell Alexa.

As you can see below, currently there are two methods to get your Amazon Echo to play YouTube videos and thus also listen to music with Alexa without paying.

Amazon Echo

There are two methods available to play YouTube music or videos on your Amazon Echo.

Listen to free YouTube music with Alexa and your Amazon Echo

Prime Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music Unlimited are some of the music services available on the Amazon Echo, but we can’t ignore that YouTube also fulfills this function.

To play music or YouTube videos with Alexa and your Amazon Echo you have two options: link virtual assistant with a smart device, the simplest method, or add a skill to Alexa that allows the playback of YouTube audio, a somewhat more complicated process.

Connecting Amazon Echo with another device via Bluetooth

The easiest way to listen to free YouTube music on your Amazon Echo is to connect it with another smart device via Bluetooth. Thus, the YouTube content that you play on this device will be heard through the Echo.

The most normal thing is to pair your mobile with the Amazon assistant, since you always have the terminal at hand. However, you can also do it with your tablet or other device that has Bluetooth and access to YouTube.

Once the Bluetooth connection is activated on the mobile phone, follow these steps to pair it with your Amazon Echo and play this YouTube music:

  1. Gave “Alexa, pair Bluetooth”.

  2. On your mobile, select the Amazon Echo device to which you are going to connect. When pairing is complete, Alexa will say “Connected to Bluetooth.”

  3. Open YouTube on your mobile and play the video you want to listen to on your Echo.

As you can see, it is a quick and easy process that consists of pairing the Echo via Bluetooth with another device that has access to YouTube.

However, you should know that you can’t control content playback With the virtual assistant, you must do it through the connected phone.

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Installation of skill YouTube on Alexa

If the previous method does not convince you or has not worked, you can choose to install a skill or YouTube skill in Alexa so this can play the content from the Google platform.

Before explaining the installation process, we must clarify that the skills they are extra functionalities Developed by third parties that can be added to Alexa to expand its capabilities.

In this case, we will add the skill “Alexa-YouTube”, the best developed so far to integrate YouTube functionality into the Amazon assistant.

Installing a skill in Alexa it is a long and complicated process, but it will be worth it to listen to music and YouTube videos. The steps are the following:

  1. Accede to the alexa console.

  2. Sign up for Amazon for developers. To the questions about monetization, answer “No”.

  3. Click on the button “Create skill” or “Create skill”.

  4. Give the skill a name, for example “YouTube Skill”.

  5. Select the language, which has to be the same as the one Alexa has on your Amazon Echo.

  6. Select “Personalizado / Custom” as an option and click on “Create Skill”.

  7. Select the option “Start from scratch” and click on “Choose / Choose”.

  8. Click on the “Edit JSON” option on the left side menu.

  9. Clears everything in the box.

  10. At the same time, in another browser window, load this code from GitHub and copy it.

  11. Paste that code into the JSON editor.

  12. Click on the option “Save model” at the top.

  13. In the left side menu click on “Interfaces”. Check the “Audio Player” and “Video App” boxes. Then, click on “Save interfaces”.

  14. Click on “Endpoint” in the menu and select “AWS Lambda ARN”. The time comes to add the code for your area in the option “Default Region2. The codes are as follows:

  • European Union: “Arn: aws: lambda: eu-west-1: 175548706300: function: YouTube”

  • Asia: “Arn: aws: lambda: ap-northeast-1: 175548706300: function: YouTube”

  • United States East: “Arn: aws: lambda: ap-northeast-1: 175548706300: function: YouTube”

  • United States West: “Arn: aws: lambda: us-west-2: 175548706300: function: YouTube”

  1. Save the changes made.

  2. Click on “Permissions” on the left side. Activate the options “Read lists” and “Write lists”.

  3. First, click on “Customize” and then on “Invocation”, both options in the menu on the left.

  4. Yet you have time to rename the skill. If you do, click on “Change model”.

  5. To finish, click on “Build model” to start a process that will take a few minutes.

  6. At the top of the editor, click on “Test” to test the operation of the skill. In the option “Test is disabled for this skill”, change from “Off” to “Development”.

After these 19 steps, you will have finished installing the YouTube skill on Alexa and on your Amazon Echo. With a simple “Alexa, open YouTube”, the wizard should start playing the content from the Google platform.

Obviously, this is a much more complex method than connecting via Bluetooth, but it will allow you to control YouTube operation through voice commands with Alexa.

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