Live Spotlights lets you record videos with a portrait effect

The portrait effect is an option that we were able to enable for the first time on the iPhone 7 Plus. The presence of two cameras allowed iOS to unify them to determine the importance of the image and blur the background, thus obtained greater depth in the image. This was baptized under the name of Bokeh effect and with the launch of new iPhones with better lenses and objectives it has been improving. However, this effect is not yet available in movie recording mode. That is why it has been created Focos Live, an app that brings the portrait effect to videos mode compatible with many devices.

Video portrait mode from iOS 12 and any device with Live Spotlights

Focos Live is the video version of the well-known Focos application. With the functionality of making vertical videos with large aperture and bokeh effect, Focos Live turns out to be something important when it comes to computer photography. With Live Spotlights, you can apply unlimited customization to any video you’ve shot vertically. You can also change the opening as many times as you want. Focos Live offers professional video editing, greater flexibility and more functionality than any other application you’ve tried before. With easy-to-use navigation options for both experts and beginners and with adjustment layers and keyframes for all possibilities, Focos Live is second to none.

He bokeh mode or portrait mode It is achieved thanks to the analysis and software superposition of the images obtained two to three times depending on the number of cameras the device has. This software analysis allows to blur the background making this portrait mode appear. For a better portrait mode It is necessary to improve the objectives and lenses by increasing what the aperture diaphragm can open.

One of the drawbacks, even in iOS 14, is that Apple does not allow portrait mode in video mode, in this way, post-production applications must be used to achieve this desired effect. For this we have Live Spotlights, an app that allows you to apply the bokeh effect. In addition, it has many customizations such as the possibility of modifying the aperture as many times as we want to modify the portrait effect. Other functions include the following:

  • Creation of vertical videos with information from double, triple cameras and front FaceID
  • Continuous change of focus point allowing tracking of an object
  • Simulated aperture diaphragms
  • Multiple layers to adjust up to 4 videos at once
  • Independent audio editing
  • Export videos as screenshots, animated GIFs or 4K
  • Import 3DL and CUBE files

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