Logitech Folio Touch, a trackpad keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro now available

Logitech Folio Touch

When Apple officially launched the new Magic Keyboard with trackpad, the Logitech company announced that it was working on a cheaper version of this Magic Keyboard Apple, a version that would also be compatible with models released in 2018.

This new keyboard is now official and is called Folio Touch, a keyboard that It includes trackpad and it also incorporates a case to protect the device during our trips. Previously, Logitech had released the Combo Touch, a trackpad keyboard compatible with the 7th-generation iPad, iPad Air, and 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Logitech Folio Touch

The design of this new keyboard is very similar to the one we can find in the Combo Touch modelWith a cover protecting the edges of the device, it incorporates a keyboard and a lectern at the back to set the inclination we need at all times to be able to work more comfortably, be it writing, reading, drawing or watching content. It also includes a holder to store the Apple Pencil.

Connection to iPad is done through the Smart Connector connection, connection available only in the iPad Pro range, so there is no need to charge it at any time, since the energy necessary to operate is obtained directly from the iPad, so it does not connect via Bluetooth to the iPad, as if they have to make all external keyboards that do not have this connection port.

When we are not using the keyboard, we can store the keyboard on the back of the iPad, a possibility that is not available on the Magic Keyboard. This new keyboard It is available for 159.95 euros in the Spanish Apple Store and the delivery, buying it today, is scheduled for July 27.

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