Logitech K380 and Pebble, a keyboard and mouse for all your devices

Logitech offers us its K380 keyboard and the Pebble mouse, two multi-device accessories with everything a keyboard and mouse need to do, and at a very interesting price.

In simplicity is virtue

Sometimes simplicity is the way, and it is what Logitech offers us with this keyboard-mouse pair. A simple but beautiful design, available in several colors that perfectly combine in both accessories and that in this analysis we have opted for the white color, an always safe bet. Curved lines, plastic good quality, good finishes and a very small size and weight (423gr the keyboard and 100gr the mouse). They are perfect to carry them anywhere in the same laptop bag or backpack without taking up much space.

The K380 keyboard has the Spanish key layout and opts for rounded keys with a size and separation that will not make you miss the keyboard of your laptop or desktop. It has all the necessary keys both in macOS and Windows, with some of them labeled on both systems, and it also has a top row with the characteristic function keys that at the same time can be special keys to control multimedia playback and volume, plus three keys whose functions we can customize using the Logitech Options software (we will explain later).

The Pebble mouse shares the same rounded keyboard style. It has a fairly low profile, but not so low as to be uncomfortable. I am one of those who can not use the Magic Mouse for a long time, it ends up bothering my hand, so I always look for mice with higher volume. I have been using the Pebble mouse for several days as the main mouse and I have not noticed fatigue after several hours. The wheel is rubber, so the grip is good, and the turn quite smooth. Its design also makes it perfect for use whether you are right-handed or left-handed, something to keep in mind.

Connectivity and function

Logitech has opted for Bluetooth connectivity in both devices, which makes them compatible with any computer or tablet, even with Apple TV. In the case of the mouse we also have the option of using the Unifying connector that we can place in any USB of our computer, yes, with USB-A. I wish the keyboard had that connection option too. Both devices work very well with Bluetooth, with a stable connection and no delay in typing or mouse clicks, but in my experience I prefer to use the Unifying connector with my iMac since sometimes Bluetooth when you have many connected devices becomes a little “crazy”. This is more a problem of the iMac than of the devices, everything is said.

The great asset of these accessories is the multi-device memory. The keyboard has three memories with three dedicated keys so you can easily switch from one device to another. The iMac, iPad Pro and MacBook Air or your desktop, tablet and Apple TV, any option is valid and changing from one to the other is a matter of pressing a key. In the case of the mouse there are no memory buttons, but you can toggle between the Bluetooth device and the Unifying using the button on the bottom of the mouse. In my case I used Unifying for my Mac and Bluetooth for my iPad. Being able to use the same keyboard and mouse on all your devices is really comfortable.

Typing on the keyboard is very comfortable, with a good touch of the keys, a little more travel than on Apple keyboards, but accustomed to the Logitech Craft I have hardly noticed differences with this K380 in terms of the typing sensation. It is very quiet, which is appreciated on many occasions. As for the mouse, the same sensations: comfortable buttons to press, silent and smooth when pressed, without causing unwanted clicks. The scroll wheel has a very good grip, and the movement of the pointer is very precise. the mouse has worked on every surface I’ve tried, even on the bedspread.

Great autonomy and batteries to work

Logitech has chosen to use conventional batteries to make the keyboard and mouse work. Two AAA batteries for the K380 keyboard and one AA battery for the Pebble mouse, which by the way are included in the boxes of the devices, all a detail. The brand indicates 2 years of autonomy for the keyboard, and 18 months in the case of the mouse, so the use of batteries should not scare you. You will forget when you last put the batteries in before they ran out, and that’s great.

The batteries in the keyboard are placed under the classic cover on the base. In the case of the Logitech mouse, it has opted for an ingenious magnetic system that allows you to remove the top cover in a very simple way, exposing the space for the battery and the Unifying connector, so you can always carry it with you without risk of losing it. It is a system that I liked a lot, since it allows you to remove the cover comfortably and at the same time prevents it from moving or opening in the backpack. Both devices have a button to turn them off when not in use.

Logitech Options

Logitech offers us a software that makes the difference with other brands: Logitech Options. Compatible with macOS and Windows, it can be downloaded for free from its website (link) which in the case of the keyboard allows you to configure those three buttons at the top to give you the function that you like the most: screenshot, Exposé, show desktop … choose the three functions you use the most and assign them to each of the three buttons. In the case of the mouse we do not have that option. We can also use Logitech Flow that allows us to control two computers and transfer files between them.

Editor’s opinion

The Logitech K380 keyboard and Pebble mouse are a perfect match for those looking for well-built accessories, that they can take anywhere and also allow them to be used in various devices. The operation is what Logitech always offers us, excellent, and although they lack advanced functions, in the case of the keyboard we can customize three buttons for special functions. If to this we add its good price, it is a keyboard-mouse combination more than recommended for most users.

  • Logitech Pebble on Amazon: € 18.98 (link)
  • Logitech K380 on Amazon: € 53.74 (link)

Logitech K380 and Pebble
  • Editor’s rating
  • Rating 4.5 stars

19 to 53


  • Design and portability
  • Great autonomy
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Multi-device


  • Keyboard not compatible with Unifying

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