Long-awaited function is in the starting blocks

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WhatsApp users on Android and iOS have had to wait a long time: As it now turns out, support for several devices at the same time could come soon. This would mean that we would no longer be tied to a single smartphone in order to be able to use the same WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp: multi-device support is coming soon

So far it looks like the WhatsApp account is linked to the phone number of the SIM card used. The account can only be used on a mobile phone – in addition to the web version, of course, which has been available for several years. Now, in the latest beta version of the Android version of WhatsApp, a hint has appeared that this could soon be over. WhatsApp can finally be used on several smartphones at the same time, with all chats and contacts.

As can be read in the always well-informed WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is not only planning such a function, but has already implemented it halfway for test purposes. According to the report, several devices can be used with just one account, provided that both devices are in the same WLAN when transferring from one cell phone to the next. It is currently unclear whether this will be the case for every initial setup in the future. For larger chats with a lot of pictures and videos, it certainly makes sense if the synchronization is not done via a purely mobile connection.

In addition, there should be another restriction: a maximum of four devices should be usable with the same account, it says. It shouldn’t make any difference whether the phones are Android or iOS. With a finished implementation, users who already use several smartphones with WhatsApp should be particularly pleased. One of the cell phones is then set up as the “main SIM” and can automatically synchronize three other smartphones via WhatsApp. Annoying intermediate steps such as manually copying chats are no longer necessary.

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WhatsApp on 4 cell phones: No schedule yet

When exactly WhatsApp will release the function for all users has not yet been determined. Since a first hidden test has already made it into the app, it can be assumed that it will not take too long.

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