Long-running graphical errors in the mass effect finally fixed

As we’re about to launch a new generation of consoles, and we’re heading both Sony and Microsoft towards a newer generation, it’s still a good time to think about how this kind of transition affects the PC.

When you look at generations of games, the PC is actually in a constant generation change and never really changes. On the one hand, new PC hardware and components are regularly published, and the hardware is constantly being developed. On the other hand, games from decades ago can still be played on the latest computer systems, often with significant improvements and graphical improvements.

However, some games can fall through the cracks where, either due to changes to the underlying hardware or due to changes Microsoft has made to the Windows operating system, situations may arise in which games either become completely unplayable or at least some serious errors and Have faults that have not occurred Do not affect the game at start. Microsoft is known to have discontinued support for the Securom DRM scheme with Windows 10, which resulted in all the games that used it no longer being playable without fan-made tools to remove the DRM from the game.

Mass Effect Visual Bugs

Mass Effect by Bioware, a popular science fiction role-playing game for space opera, was such a game with big flaws when played on modern computer systems. In particular, the first game in the series, originally released on PC in 2008, had a graphical error affecting certain areas in the game where the playable character plus group members were replaced with a block-like shroud of black pixels. The game would still run and play correctly, but this visual mistake is obviously not ideal and ruins the immersion.

me1 blobs

This bug initially affected users with bulldozer-based AMD processors, but also affects newer Ryzen processors. With no official remasters or re-releases on the horizon, many players have stayed high and dry, and there is no way to play Mass Effect without experiencing some fairly serious visual errors. This is particularly disappointing as an older game like this should run wonderfully on paper on more powerful modern systems.

If this wasn’t a beloved game, the story might have ended there, but there was a keen interest in fixing this game. Interest that ultimately resulted in an intrepid modder spending time searching the code to see if a solution could be found.

What is the solution?

A modder by the name of Silent, known for his work on repairing games like Yakuza Kiwami 2, The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut and various Grand Theft Auto games, has now got his attention focused . Over on his blog over there, he explains how this is related to the current aspects of DirectX that the game relies on to optimize performance rather than accuracy:

“With that in mind, we’ve revised the theory behind this bug – no doubt the game’s fault is that it’s too sensitive to problems, but with additional testing it seems that D3DX was written with fast math in mind DirectXMath may take care of it more about accurate calculations. This makes sense – D3DX is a 2000s product and it is perfectly reasonable that it was written, with performance being the main priority. DirectXMath has the “luxury” of being developed later to pay more attention to precise, deterministic calculations. “

Read the full blog post detailing the error if you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the problem and the process involved in developing this solution. Or if you just want to get the patch so you can enjoy the game, you can download it here. Installation is extremely straightforward. You simply extract the files contained in the download to the game’s installation directory and it works immediately, either with the Steam or the Origin version of the game.

It’s good news to see that a game that was broken for many users is now being fixed. A piece of game history has been preserved, and people can now play and enjoy Mass Effect without having to deal with this problem. Whether it’s new players who are immersing themselves in this world for the first time, or fans of the series who want to take up their roots again.

This mod and all the other mods that Silent maintains are provided free of charge, but it’s on Patreon if you want to thank them for their work.

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