LTE patents: Apple sentenced to $ 506 million in damages

The jury insinuated that Apple will do so. Apple, in turn, classifies the plaintiffs as patent trolls. The iPhone manufacturer does not accept the decision and has announced an appeal against the judgment.

Apple has one again Patent dispute lost. The Cupertino-based company is said to have paid $ 506 million to PanOptis and other companies for deliberately violating property rights for LTE technologies, as Law360 reports.

Patent (Image: Shutterstock)The lawsuit was heard in a district court in East Texas. According to the jury, Apple was unable to prove that the patents being sued by PanOptis are invalid. The compensation is intended to cover lost license payments.

Apple announced that it would appeal the verdict. “We thank the jury for their time, but are disappointed with the verdict and plan to appeal,” an Apple spokesman is quoted as saying. “Lawsuits like this from companies that amass patents just to harass other companies are only a disadvantage for consumers and hinder innovation.”

In addition to PanOptis Patent Management, Optis Wireless Technology and Unwired Planet had also sued. They accused Apple of illegally using their intellectual property for products like iPhone, iPad and using Apple Watch. Attempts to reach a license agreement with Apple have failed.

Among other things, Apple had tried to delay the proceedings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The presiding judge Rodney Gilstrap, however, allowed the first personal hearing of a patent lawsuit in the USA after the outbreak of the corona virus. He cited various hygiene measures such as wearing face masks in the courtroom and allowing witness statements to be made via video.

PanOptis also opposed a similar case in February Huawei by. However, there was an agreement between the two parties. A court of first instance had previously awarded the plaintiff $ 13.2 million.

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