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Made to measure: professional canvases by Stewart

Made to measure: professional canvases by Stewart

© Stewart

Projectors come and go, a Stewart screen remains. Stewart has been delivering the best canvases in the world for over 70 years!

Longevity is just one of the qualities that Stewart’s professional aspirations show. Stewart screens have always been “the best of the best” in terms of durability, manufacturing quality and outstanding image quality.

The CUSTOM series

At Stewart, research is very important and driven by high investments. The results are ingenious inventions such as rope tension, contrast-enhancing materials, their optical coating and the environmental compatibility of the products. All Stewart materials e.g. B., are Greenguard certified. Stewart has already been awarded an “Oscar” for such achievements. The brand has been popular with professionals for decades because of its diversity. Stewart can offer a variety of 16K suitable materials for different lighting situations. The best-known materials include the StudioTek100 and 130 reference material, the GrayHawk RS G4, the FireHawk G5 and the latest development in the ultra-high contrast range, the Phantom HALR. From a simple frame screen to electrical variants with masking, many different combinations and sizes are available, as are roll screens. There are also rear projection, outdoor, design and special screens. Almost every model can be combined with any material, optionally also translucent. These Microperf THX Ultra2 materials have 320,000 holes per square meter. The hole diameter measures 0.5 mm and thanks to Stewart’s Optical Coating, the light loss is only 10%. The result is a 70% brighter picture, more sharpness, neutral color rendering and homogeneity of the illumination, compared to competitors. Stewart canvases are therefore used for professional applications. Customers include a., Apple, Disney, Dolby, Lucasfilm, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla, YouTube, and many, many more!

The following applies to every screen: It is always made to measure to order!

Motorized rolling screens from Stewart are available on request for a wide variety of installation types.
© Stewart

The CIMA series

The Cima series is an exception. It does without the tailor-made, but delivers the same professional quality in a reduced variety, at an attractive price. There are frame screens and electric roller screens. There are two projection materials to choose from: The white Neve material is also available as a translucent option. It is intended for stray light-optimized rooms. The gray Tiburon G4 for the living room cinema. It doubles the contrast almost without disadvantages and is hardly inferior to the legendary GrayHawk RS G4.


A projection consists of three factors: space, projector and the matching screen. Only then can the image quality of the projector arrive in the eye of the beholder. Stewart recognized this in 1947 and has always delivered the best canvas. By professionals, for professionals!

Image source:

  • Stewart-Cima-BC-Office-8x: © Stewart
  • Stewart film screen building: © Stewart

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