Mafia: Definitive Edition gameplay revealed in new video

Fans of the original mafia games will be spoiled in September. A brand new Mafia 1 remake called Mafia: Definitive Edition is coming soon and some gameplay footage has been released recently.

What does the gameplay trailer reveal?

IGN’s gameplay video later includes both promotional and gameplay material in the video.

The gameplay focuses on an iconic mission called “A Journey Into The Country”. This mission takes place approximately halfway through the game, in which the main character Tommy has already been established in the mafia.

In this part of the story, the characters pick up a delivery of bootleg whiskey. Tommy has to search for a character named Sam in an abandoned farm, but is attacked by a rival gang. There’s a big shootout, followed by a dramatic chase that fans of the original game will no doubt be happy to see replicated in full 4K splendor.

What’s different in the Mafia 1 remake?

Haden Blackman, President and Chief Creative Officer of Hangar 13, spoke extensively about the path to this remake. Fans of the original will see drastically improved graphics, lighting, and some additional content to help new and existing fans explore the world a bit more.

“Our goal has been to improve the game in as many areas as possible, since advances in technology, game design and storytelling have been made since the original release, while maintaining the history, characters and spirit of the mafia,” said Blackman.

“The entire city has been remodeled and even redesigned in some areas to offer more views and sights without losing the landmarks of the original game. We wanted to bring the city to life with as many details and an atmosphere as possible. “

The remake offers “new audio and rendering features, including a brand new alternator,” that help make the game feel more realistic and haunted.

One of the most important changes besides the redesign is the use of modern motion capture technology and updated language work for the character cutscenes. You will bring all your favorite characters back to life, including the protagonist Tommy Angelo. These characters will also have new scenes and dialogues to add something new to the returning fans.

Developers have also worked to bring you an extensive selection of historical and authentic vehicles including motorcycles. You can also play around with a variety of new and recurring weapons. All of this is based on weapons from that area and period.

Overall, however, it stays close to the original storyline and offers the same missions as before.

You will have a lot to prove, which has to do with the technical problems that have plagued the recent re-releases of Mafia 2 and Mafia 3. Hopefully there are no such problems here.

When will the Mafia: Definitive Edition be released?

The mafia remake was originally scheduled for August 28, but was recently postponed until September 25.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can pre-order it on Steam for $ 39.99 or purchase the Mafia trilogy for $ 59.99.

Are you a fan of the Mafia franchise? What do you think about the newly released gameplay material? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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