Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim will present the Quarks Summer Special at WDR tomorrow


In three episodes, the science journalist deals with jellyfish chips, aluminum in deodorants and tick bites.

Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim moderates the Quarks summer special from the home office in the now familiar Corona manner, sometimes from the living room, the kitchen or the garden. Useful and well-founded everyday knowledge from and for at home. It starts on Thursday, July 30th at 8:15 p.m. in the WDR, starting in the morning in the WDR media library. Episode 2 and 3 run on the next two Thursdays.

On July 30th, Mai asks Thi Nguyen-Kim about the best way to keep bread. Bread box, plastic bag or refrigerator – which is the most sensible? Other topics of the show: What is the load limit of a power strip and what to do if it burns? How healthy is green tea, can jellyfish be made into chips and how can bed bugs be tracked down and successfully fought?

The second episode on August 6th deals with the questions: What is the best mosquito repellent and what can we do to prevent so many pesticides from ending up on our plate? Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim also talks about the latest study results on aluminum in deodorant and explains how dangerous tattoo inks are.

The third and last episode of the Quarks summer special on August 13th is about old apple varieties and the question of why allergy sufferers tolerate them much better than standard supermarket apples. Speaking of the supermarket – Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim has found someone who has almost no food to throw away. She also investigates how dangerous tick bites actually are. In this episode, the science journalist also presents the menu, from which the whole world can be fed without exploiting the earth – keyword planetary health diet.

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  • Quarks summer special: WDR via ARD photo

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