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Main innovations of iPadOS 14

Main innovations of iPadOS 14

The iPad receives important news in the update to iPadOS 14, largely shared with the version for iPhone, iOS 14, but with some exclusive for the Apple tablet. We show you the main changes that we can see on our iPad starting this fall.

The listing of changes for iPad with upgrade to iPadOS 14 is long, but we can summarize the main changes in the following list, which we see in this order in the video that accompanies this article:

  • Widgets: The iPad receives the widtes of iOS 14, although here the change is less striking since a year ago with iPadOS 13 we already received a more rudimentary but aesthetically similar version of widgets. But the widgets are not more limited in the iPad version, since they are not allowed to be placed anywhere on the springboard.
  • Application library: Apple has left the iPad out of this feature, something that we do not know if it will be definitive or simply a failure that will be resolved later.
  • More discreet calls and Siri, just like in the iPhone version. Calls appear as a notification, with the on-hook and off-hook buttons, and Siri appears with the new icon and animation in the lower right corner, with responses appearing in a mini-window that adjusts to content, not full screen.
  • Universal Search Engine: Apple now allows you to search anywhere in the system, within applications, etc.
  • Sidebar in apps: some applications such as Photos, Files, Music and Home receive a design change with a sidebar in true “macOS” style.
  • Messages Receive the latest news from iOS 14, with the possibility of quoting messages, mentioning users, setting chats and changing the icon of group chats.
  • The application Music change design aspects like the new sidebar, the full-screen player or the possibility of opening two simultaneous windows.
  • He handwriting recognition / scribble It is in my opinion the most remarkable novelty. Now everything you write with your Apple Pencil you can transform, select, change color, etc. The system will recognize what you write by hand, being able to use Apple Pencil to fill any text box within the system.

These are the main news, although there are others like Clips, changes in HomeKit… but we will see that in other videos later.

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