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Manufacturer ignores the problems of the new China cell phone

Manufacturer ignores the problems of the new China cell phone

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New smartphone, old problems. The recently released OnePlus Nord causes a lot of frustration for its users. The China manufacturer seems to care almost nothing about the fans’ feedback. What’s going on there?

OnePlus North

OnePlus Nord: Cheap China cell phone is struggling with display problems

The OnePlus Nord is a real price-performance hit. Smartphone buyers can get an all-round solid smartphone for 399 euros without having to forego important features. We were able to determine this in our test. No wonder that the China cell phone was completely sold out within a few days as part of a pre-order campaign.

But the OnePlus Nord is not entirely without errors. More precisely, one component causes problems that the manufacturer was already worried about with the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro: the OLED display.

As users in the OnePlus forum and on Reddit report, the screen of the OnePlus-Nord appears to discolor at low brightness levels. The affected buyers describe the phenomenon as a green color and illustrate the problem:

On the left the display of the OnePlus 8 Pro, on the right that of the OnePlus Nord (Image: OnePlus-Forum / Mat-Thieu)

Screen problem with OnePlus Nord: China manufacturer declines

The problem doesn’t really look as bad as the picture, but you shouldn’t neglect this error. OnePlus has since spoken in the forum:

“When the brightness of an AMOLED screen is set very low, some users can notice a slight discoloration that disappears with increasing screen brightness. This is a feature of all OLED displays and is not a quality problem. However, we are currently working on an OTA update to improve your experience. ”

OnePlus wants to use software to remedy the restriction. The update will probably deprive users of the possibility of reducing the screen brightness so much that the problem is no longer visible. This avoids the error, but at the same time this step should have a negative impact on the battery life of the smartphone.

After the OnePlus reaction, the users in the forum are anything but enthusiastic. Some even report that they will return their smartphone due to the problem.

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