Mars rover perseverance after start with problems

© NASA / Greg Shiral
© NASA / Greg Shiral

After the successful launch to Mars, the spaceship with the US rover “Perseverance” on board has apparently been put into a safe mode.

“Probably because part of the spacecraft was slightly colder than expected” when it was in the shadow of the earth, the US space agency Nasa announced on Thursday. However, the temperatures had leveled off again and the spaceship was outside the earth’s shadow.

According to NASA, switching to safe mode means that all non-essential systems are shut down. Spaceships could initiate this measure themselves if the actual flight conditions deviate from the predicted values. “The Mars 2020 mission is currently carrying out a full condition assessment of the spacecraft and is working to bring it back into a nominal configuration for its journey to Mars,” said Nasa.

Previously, “Perseverance” started on Thursday morning (local time) with German high-tech on board for its journey to the Red Planet. The unmanned robot, which weighs more than a ton and is the size of a small car, is due to land in Mars in February in a dry lake, the “Jezero Crater”. His job on Mars is to look for traces of past microbial life, to research the planet’s climate and geology, and to take samples of rocks and dust.

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  • Mars space travel: © NASA / Greg Shiral

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