Martina Rutenbeck takes over the helm at Divicon Media

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Effective immediately, media manager Martina Rutenbeck, who is well-known in the industry, will take over the management of Divicon Media in Leipzig.

Their task should be to continue the network and broadcasting operations as the company’s core business, to add peripheral services and products to its periphery and to expand Divicon Media into an infrastructure and service company in the medium term, the company informed on Wednesday.

Martina Rutenbeck brings the expertise and experience required for this, in particular with the development of platform businesses and the realignment of teams, as well as a far-reaching, lively network to broadcasters, regulatory authorities and infrastructure providers from numerous leading positions and projects in the media industry over the past three decades.

Most recently, Rutenbeck worked for the expansion, sales and marketing of BrightBlue GmbH, the independent IPTV technology platform of Deutsche Glasfaser. Before that, she held the position of managing director of the TV and service platform Kabelkiosk of the satellite operator Eutelsat for more than twelve years.

After the takeover by the M7 Group, she became Managing Director of M7 Deutschland GmbH in 2014 and then, from 2016 onwards, built up the independent TV license service provider content4tv together with investors and partners. Previous positions in her career included major players in the telecommunications, cable, satellite and broadband industries, including: Deutsche Telekom, SES Astra and the SMC management consultancy.

Rutenbeck’s predecessor Ulrich Gathmann now ends his role as interim manager of Divicon Media with the appointment of the new boss.

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