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Marvel's Avengers – First Beta Weekend Recap – WePC

Marvel's Avengers – First Beta Weekend Recap – WePC

Crystal Dynamics clearly spent the time giving each character their own style, and I enjoyed my time with each of them. After scanning some of the feedback on the Hulk, it seems to be one of the areas where they don’t seem to have struck a balance between character-inspired inspiration and gameplay that uses it but is still fun.

The Hulk is a pointless animal monster known for screaming “Smash” before pulping its enemies with any heavy object available, and its video game counterpart plays that role well. His specific ability allows him to heal from the damage he does, which makes him a perfect choice for a tank-oriented class, and yet there is feedback that he is just playing too one-dimensional, which feels honest, when playing through the single player storyline missions, for example fighting without a team for the Hulk-focused beta storyline mission. I would argue that this is the same for most tanker classes / characters in a game. However, when he’s part of a team, he becomes the core of your team and uses his special abilities to draw aggro from nearby enemies while dealing out more damage that his ability can keep him on his feet. Yes, it’s a simple loop, but it doesn’t have to be more complicated in terms of game mechanics for the character himself when your team’s enemies are forcing each of you to play to the best of your ability.

I would argue that after what we’ve seen for Marvel’s Avengers, this is done in spades, there is something particularly exciting about each of your squads to know their specific skills (whether from their character, skills, or equipment) for me it was the A Panzer Hulk, a black widow to take out the weaker flying enemies, Kamala to get melee DPS, the Hulk support and Iron Man to wipe anything far away and a little harder than Could handle widows ranged pistols. It feels like you have an Avengers team works as a team and that’s exactly what we wanted right?

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