"Mass Effect Trilogy" remaster appeared on pre-order list

The persistent flaming rumor about a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy is getting fuel. Several players have managed to pre-order the Si-Fi role-playing game.

Mass Effect

A sensibly implemented remaster of Mass Effect 1 to 3 would probably be very marketable without much notice. Constantly new leaks, sometimes more and sometimes less, keep the rumor alive.

The latest depends on the UK retailer pre-order list together on the remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy can be found.

The game is not only on this list, some players are said to have managed to even pre-order the remaster for a short time through the British dealer Game.

In this Reddit thread, a user reports that he was able to pre-order the game in the store. It is simply called “N7”, which is the name of a military training program for human soldiers in the Mass Effect universe. The user shows his Proof of purchase and entry of the game in the dealer’s app. The release date is therefore already visible on the list 29th September 2020.

Some other users confirm the statements of the thread author by stating that they have worked for Game themselves and that the images shown are real.

If these pre-orders are real, expect us in a few weeks a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy. Remember that this is not official information and therefore a little skepticism is appropriate.

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At first it seems strange if EA announced such a hotly anticipated title without much lead time. But the publisher has already followed this path in the past, for example with the surprising and successful release of Apex Legends.

A well-done remaster for Mass Effect probably wouldn’t need a big marketing campaign either, it just had to be good.

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